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Romania Flag

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Flag of Romania

Flag of Romania

The national flag of Romania is a tricolor with perpendicular bands, start from the flagpole: blue, yellow and red. The width-length ratio of Romania Flag is 2:3. The proportions of the color shades were approved by the constitution and established by law in 1994 and extended in 2001.

The flag resembles to the state flag of Chad and civil flag of Andorra. In 2004, Chad plead to UN to look into the similar flag issues, however, president of Romania remained adamant and did not opt for any modification in the flag of Romania design. In addition, the flag of Moldova also has the similar tricolor but with different 1:2 ratio on their flag.

History of Romania Flag

Romania had numerous national flags used during its long history. However, every flag that was designed and adopted in the past had same colors and similar designs. The flag adopted in 19th century had a horizontal tricolor; the flag of 1862 had reversed the placing of the red and blue stripes. On 1866, the vertical tricolor flag was presented. This vertical tricolor flag was hoisted through 1948 until the communist era. The flag was hoisted in 1948 featuring the country’s emblem. It was discovered that there were four flags uses during the communist era. But, each of the flags had some dissimilarity when compared.

Romania Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Romania’s national flag has significant meaning behind the colors selected for the flag. The blue represent liberty, yellow symbolizes justice; red signifies fraternity of the nation. The official colors drew in Romanian law elect the shades used to be cobalt blue.

About Romania

Romania shares Serbia to the southwest, Bulgaria to the south, borders with Hungary to the northwest, the Black Sea to the southeast, Ukraine to the east and to the north and the Republic of Moldova to the east and borders with Hungary to the northwest; the nation is situated in the southeastern. The population of Romania is 20 million and having population density of 82 people per square kilometer.

The nation has a framework is a semi-presidential representative democratic republic. The official language of Romania is Romanian and the currency is Leu. Romania comprises of two letters Romania code i.e. RO and its three letters Romania code is ROU and in digits it is 642. The calling code is +40 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Romania is UTC 03 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Romania comprises a total of 42 prefectures instead of regions, provinces or states.

Romania Country Information

Country Romania
Continent Europe
Official languages Romanian
Capital Bucharest
Currency Romanian leu lei (RON)

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Romania Time Zones

CET UTC+02:00
CEST UTC+03:00

Romania Codes

Internet TLD RO
Three-letter country code ROU
Three-digit country code 642
Calling code +40