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Montenegro Flag

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Flag of  Montenegro

Flag of Montenegro

The flag of Montenegro was formally accepted with the Law on the state ciphers and the statehood day of Montenegro on 13 July 2004 at the suggestion of the government of Montenegro. Montenegro Flag was constitutionally authorized with the declaration of the Constitution on 22 October 2007. It is a red banner with broader golden edges all everywhere the red field with the coat of arms of Montenegro in its midpoint.

The Law on the state signs and the statehood day of Montenegro touched full result the day after its book in the Official Gazette of Montenegro. Flag of Montenegro publication happened 12 July 2004 and the legal power of the Law happened the day after, on 13 July 2004 - the statehood day of Montenegro.

History of Montenegro Flag

The Montenegrin war flag applied in the Battle on 1876 was red with a white cross stripe in the middle and a white border. This flag was applied as the military stag through the Montenegrin-Ottoman wars. The similar flag was used in 1878 upon the gratitude of independence by the Ottoman Empire at San Stefano. As per 1905 constitution, the national flag was a tricolor of red-bluish-white, which were the colors of Montenegrin folk costume.

Flags as the state signifies were presented only in the time of Petar II. Earlier him, the principal Montenegrin flag had been obtainable with a single sign on it. In late 1946 a new flag of the People's Republic of Montenegro, an essential republic of the Federal People's Republic of Yugoslavia, was accepted. It returned the outmoded tricolor adding a political communist Red Star to its middle. This flag was applied until 1992, when the broadcast flag was red, bluish and white vertical tricolor, with the size ratio of 1:3.

Montenegro Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The flag of Montenegro is red has golden borders with the coat of arms in the middle. The ratio of the flag is 1:2. The middle point of the coat of arms covers the central point of the flag. The thickness of the border is ​1⁄20 of the flag's sizes. Two versions of the Montenegrin flag are in usage, horizontal, mostly applied outdoor; and vertical, typically used indoor. Montenegro's coat of arms comprises of a golden, double-headed eagle which characterizes the unity of church and state. Defensive the eagle is a shield festooned with the Lion of Judah, representing the Biblical theme of revival.

About Montenegro

Montenegro is located in Southeast Europe, which is on the Adriatic Sea. The nation shares borders with Serbia and Kosovo to the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Croatia to the west, and Albania to the south. The country has an area of 13,812 square kms and a population of 0.6 million with population density of 45 people per square kilometer (125/sq mi). Podgorica is the capital city of the country. Further, the nation has twenty-three municipalities and three regions.

Montenegro is a Unitary dominant-party parliamentary constitutional republic. The official language of Montenegro is Serbian and the currency is Euro. Montenegro comprises of two letters Montenegro code i.e. ME and its three letters Montenegro code is MNE and in digits it is 499 . The calling code is +382 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Montenegro is UTC +2 hours.

Being a Unitary dominant-party parliamentary constitutional republic, Montenegro comprises of three regions: Central region, Coastal region, and Northern region.

Montenegro Country Information

Country Montenegro
Continent Europe
Official languages Montenegrin
Capital Podgorica
Currency Euro € (EUR)

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Montenegro Time Zones

CET UTC+01:00
CEST UTC+02:00

Montenegro Codes

Internet TLD ME
Three-letter country code MNE
Three-digit country code 499
Calling code +382