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Flag of Russia

The flag of Russia is a tricolor flag featuring three equal flat fields: white at top, blue in the centre, and red at bottom. The flag was initially used as an ensign for Russian merchant ships, later; Russia Flag became official in 1696. It flag was accepted and used until the establishment of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic (RSFSR) in 1917.

During the Soviet Union's existence, the flag of Russia had a red field with a golden hammer and sickle along with a golden surrounded red star on top. With the conclusion of the Soviet Union, tricolor was re-adapted as the flag of the Russian Federation in 1991 having 1:2 ratios.

History of Russia Flag

The flag that Tsar Peter I selected for mercantile ships in 1699 reproduced the Dutch red-white-blue tricolor: the Russian flag varied only in having the bands arranged white blue red. These colors are occasionally given traditional Russian representation—one such clarification recalls the red protection of the Grand Principality of Moscow, with its symbol of St. George cloaked in blue and equestrian on a white horse. The new flag developed was very general had black orange white tricolor, which was eventually abandoned.

Russian flags were built on the Red Banner, which had its origins in the French Revolution. After the creation of the Soviet Union, the official state flag limited a gold hammer, sickle, and gold-bordered red star in the top hoist corner. It is now extensively accepted of the black-orange-white tricolor.

Russia Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Russian flag comprises of three colors, which are red, white and blue. It is believed that white stands for honesty and nobility. Blue signifies including authenticity, purity and honesty. The red is supposed to signify love, courage and generosity.

About Russia

Russia is surrounded by 14 countries. These countries are Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and North Korea. The population of Russia is 105 million and the population density is 8.4 people per square kilometre (22 per square mile).

Russia is a framework of the federal semi-presidential republic of Russia. The official language of Russia is Russian and the currency is Ruble. Russia comprises of two letters Russia code i.e. RU and its three letters Russia code is RUS and in digits it is 643 . The calling code is +7 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Russia is UTC +3 hours.

Being a federal republic, Russia comprises of 83 federal provinces.

Russia Country Information Updated 2024

Country Russia
Continent Asia
Official languages Russian
Capital Moscow
Russia Flag Colors White, Blue, Red
Currency Russian ruble (RUB)

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Russia Time Zones

CET UTC+02:00 to UTC+12:00
CEST UTC+02:00 to UTC+12:00

Russia Codes

Internet TLD RU
Three-letter country code RUS
Three-digit country code 643
Calling code +7