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Belarus Flag

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Flag of Belarus

Flag of Belarus

The national flag of Belarus is a red and green flag. Belarusian Flag has a white and red ornament pattern placed at the staff end. The current flag is the modification of the flag used during 1951 when the country was a republic of the Soviet Union.

The current design on the Belarus flag was introduced in 2012 by the State Committee. The current design was adopted for the standardization of the Republic of Belarus. Though, the latest flag is a modification version of 1951 flag, however, the changes made to the Soviet-era flag was the removal of symbols of communism. Further, the reversal of the colors of the ornament pattern from white-on-red to red-on-white was designed.

History of Belarus Flag

In 1941 the flag was suitable for usage by the Nazi profession administration, and it looked on arm patches of Belarusian volunteers. During the period 1943–1944, anti-Soviet government of Belarus had a dispute with German Army and Waffen SS. With the end of World War II, the flag was used by Belarusian diaspora groups of anti-Soviet resistance. In late 1980s the national flag was used as a symbol of national renaissance and democratic variations in Belarus. By proposal of the Belarusian Popular Front the flag converted state representation of Belarus upon its retrieval of independence in 1991.

After 1995, the white-red-white flag became the symbol of the opposition to the regime. Notably, after the protest on presidential elections during 2006 and 2010, the flag was not officially banned from public usage, but is pickled by the authorities as an unregistered symbol which resources demonstration by the political activists or sports fans. Later, in 1995 referendum, the flag’s current design was approved by the authorities.

Belarus Flag Meaning and Design

The basic design of flag of Belarus was first labeled in Presidential Decree No.214 of June 7, 1995. The colors of the state flag are regulated in "STB 911–2008: National Flag of the Republic of Belarus" and are recorded in the CIE Standard illuminant D65. The flag is a four-sided cloth containing of two horizontal stripes: a red upper stripe casing two-thirds of the flag's height, and green lower stripe casing one-third.

A vertical red-on-white Belarusian flag embellished pattern, which inhabits one-ninth of the flag's length, is placed in contradiction of the flagstaff. The flag's ratio of width to length is 1:2. This enterprise replaced the historical white-red-white flag used by the Belarusian Democratic Republic in 1918. Prior to that, Belarus became a Soviet Republic, and regained its independence in 1991. As of 2012, the red pattern has occupied the whole of the white margin.

Belarus Country Information, Currency, Codes, Time Zone

Belarus, a non-coastal country in Eastern Europe, is acknowledged for its Stalinist architecture, grand fortifications and primordial forests with approximately 95.1 lacs people. The country has neighbor such as Latvia to the north, Russia to the east and northeast, Poland to the west, Lithuania to the northwest and Ukraine to the south with the population density of 46 people per square kilometer (121/square mile). Belarus is has the Presidential Republic government in name of dictatorship.

The official language of Belarus is Belarusian and Russian and the currency is Ruble. Belarus comprises of two letters Belarus code i.e. AL and its three letters Belarus code is ALB and in digits it is 112. The calling code is +375 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Belarus is UTC +2 hours. Being a country where dictatorship rules, Belarus comprises a total of six provinces named as Brest, Homyel, Hrodna, Mahilyow, Minsk, and Vitsebsk.

Belarus Country Information

Country Belarus
Continent Europe
Official languages Belarusian, Russian
Capital Minsk
Currency Belarusian ruble Br (BYR)

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Belarus Time Zones

CET UTC+03:00
CEST UTC+03:00

Belarus Codes

Internet TLD BY
Three-letter country code BLR
Three-digit country code 112
Calling code +375