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Kosovo Flag

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Flag of Kosovo

Flag of Kosovo

The Republic of Kosovo officially approved the flag of the nation following the unilateral declaration of freedom of Kosovo from Serbia on 17 February 2008. Kosovo flag comprise of six white stars in an arc overhead a golden map of Kosovo on a blue field. These stars signify Kosovo's six main ethnic groups. Before the statement of independence, Kosovo was ruled by the United Nations.

Before 2008, there was no official Flag of Kosovo adopted for Kosovo. However, throughout different periods of history, dissimilar flags were hovered in Kosovo. Before 1969, the only flags that could lawfully fly over Kosovo were those of SFR Yugoslavia and SR Serbia. In fact, hover any separatist’s flag of Albanian, Serbian or Croatian could award imprisonment to the person.

History of Kosovo Flag

In 1969, the Kosovar Albanian populace was able to usage the Albanian flag as its national flag. But, the flag had to be emotional with a red star, since this was a shared symbol of the Yugoslav nation. Even without this obligation, the flag of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania at the period had a red star, drew in gold, above the double headed eagle. Later on, dissimilar nationalities in Kosovo could usage their own national flags in agreement with legislation.

Once Kosovo was under the management of the United Nations, the UN flag was hovered in Kosovo. But, the flag used by the Kosovar Albanian inhabitants was the Albanian flag. The Albanian flag was also used on public structures, even though it was against UN regulations. Regulations itemized only the UN flag and other authorized flags that could fly on public buildings. The condition was, if the Albanian flag is flown up then Serbian flag must go up too.

Kosovo Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The flag of Kosovo has a blue background, charged with a map of Kosovo and six stars. The stars are officially meant to symbolize Kosovo's six major ethnic groups: Albanians, Serbs, Turks, Gorani, Romani, and Bosniaks. On April 2009, the ratio was set as 1:1.4.

About Kosovo

Kosovo is an independent country located in Europe. It is surrounded by Serbia to the north and east, Montenegro to the west, Albania to the southwest, and North Macedonia to the southeast. The country has over 2 million population and estimated population density is 159 people per square kilometer (412/square mile).

Kosovo is has an executive authority system. The administration is run by several ministers and headed by Prime Minister. The official language of Kosovo is Albanian & Serbian and the currency is Euro. Kosovo comprises of two letters Kosovo code i.e. XK and its three letters Kosovo code is XKX and in digits it is 780. The calling code is +383 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Kosovo is UTC +2 hours.

Being a republic, Kosovo comprises a total of four districts instead of states and provides.

Kosovo Country Information

Country Kosovo
Continent Europe
Official languages Albanian, Serbian
Capital Pristina
Currency Euro € (EUR)

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Kosovo Time Zones

CET UTC+01:00
CEST UTC+02:00

Kosovo Codes

Internet TLD KO
Three-letter country code KOS
Three-digit country code 780
Calling code +383