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Ukraine Flag

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Flag of Ukraine

Flag of Ukraine

Ukraine Flag has a banner of two similarly sized flat stripes of blue and yellow adopted by the Constitution of Ukraine, according to Article 20. The mixture of blue and yellow as a sign of Ukrainian land come from the flag of the Kingdom of Galicia–Volhynia used in the 12th century. As a national flag, the blue and yellow bicolor had been used from 1848.

It was formally approved as a state flag for the initially time in 1918 by the short-lived West Ukrainian People's Republic and subsequently applied by the Ukrainian People's Republic. When Ukraine was portion of the Soviet Union, the Flag of Ukraine was forbidden and, before 1949, there was no authorized state flag until acceptance of the red-azure flag of the Ukrainian SSR.

History of Ukraine Flag

The roots of Ukrainian state symbols originated from before Christian eras when yellow and blue succeeded in traditional ceremonies, sparkly fire and water. The most solid resistant of yellow and blue colors could be drawn as far as the Battle of Grunwald at which contributed militia formations from numerous lands of the Polish-Lithuanian Union. Also, yellow and blue were the colors common on coats of arms in Galicia. Some put the initial point of the acceptance of the current national flag of Ukraine to 1848 when, throughout the Spring of the Nations on 22 April 1848, a yellow and blue excellent was approved by the Main Ruthenian Council.

Ukraine Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The golden yellow represents fields of wheat and the blue signifies the sky, mountains, and streams of Ukraine.

About Ukraine

Ukraine is located in the central part of Eastern Europe. Ukraine is surrounded by Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, and Belarus. The population of the nation is 45 million and the population density 73 people per square kilometer.

Ukraine has unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic. The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian and the currency is Hryvnia. Ukraine comprises of two letters Ukraine code i.e. UA and its three letters Ukraine code is UKR and in digits it is 804 . The calling code is +380 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Ukraine is UTC +3 hours.

Being a constitutional republic, Ukraine comprises of 27 regions, 24 oblasts (provinces), one autonomous republic.

Ukraine Country Information

Country Ukraine
Continent Europe
Official languages Ukrainian
Capital Kiev
Ukraine Flag Colors Yellow and Blue
Currency Ukrainian hryvnia ₴ (UAH), Russian ruble (RUB)

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Ukraine Time Zones

CET UTC+02:00
CEST UTC+03:00

Ukraine Codes

Internet TLD UA
Three-letter country code UKR
Three-digit country code 804
Calling code +380