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San Marino Flag

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Flag of San Marino

Flag of San Marino

San Marino Flag is has two equal flat bands. The white color stripe is located at top and a light blue with the national coat of arms overlaid in the middle. The coat of arms has a shield with a shut crown on top, flanked by an oak and laurel garland, with a scroll under bearing the word (Liberty). The two colors of the flag signify peace and liberty.

Although, the Law on the Flag of San Marino and coat of arms of San Marino from 2011 mentions only to the official flag of the state, a de facto civil flag, which neglects the coat of arms, can occasionally be seen flying. Some authorized sources of San Marino propose that the civil flag is really the bicolor with the coat of arms of the exact city it is used in, instead of the state one.

History of San Marino Flag

On 4 September 1465, the first showed flag of the republic. During that time, the flag was commissioned from a Florence. It displayed an old emblem of San Marino, a horizontal tricolor of orange, white and purple. In 1797, most probable prejudiced was the wave of improvements in France on a white and blue cockade.

San Marino Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The present flag was accepted on 6 April 1862 by a Decree of the Supreme Council some of the graphic details on the coat of arms were changed. San Marino's coat of arms features a blue shield surmounted closed crown representing sovereignty. Within the blue protection are three green mountains on behalf of the summits of Monte Titano, and three towers expressing the citadels of San Marino. Adjoining the crown and shield are twigs of oak and laure.

About San Marino

San Marino is a landlocked nation bordered by Italy in Southern Europe, Emilia Romagna and Marche. The population of the nation is 33, 344 and the population density is 520/km2 (1,346.8/sq mi) (23rd).

San Marino has unitary parliamentary diarchic directorial republic government. The official language of San Marino is Italian and the currency is Euro. San Marino comprises of two letters San Marino code i.e. SM and its three letters San Marino code is SMR and in digits it is 674 . The calling code is +378 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in San Marino is UTC +02 hours.

Being a republic, the nation is divided into municipalities instead of states or provinces.

San Marino Country Information

Country San Marino
Continent Europe
Official languages Italian
Capital San Marino
Currency Euro € (EUR)

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San Marino Time Zones

CET UTC+01:00
CEST UTC+02:00

San Marino Codes

Internet TLD SM
Three-letter country code SMR
Three-digit country code 674
Calling code +378