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United Kingdom - UK Flag

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Flag of United Kingdom - UK

Flag of United Kingdom - UK

The United Kingdom flag dates back to the union of Ireland and Great Britain in 1801. It features Red Cross of Saint George, edged in white, overlaid on the Cross of St Patrick, which are covered on the Saltire of Saint Andrew.

Wales is not characterized in the Union Flag by Wales's supporter saint, Saint David, as at the period the flag was intended Wales was part of the Kingdom of England. The flag's normal height-to-length extents are 1:2. The war Flag of United Kingdom different used by the British Army adapts the scopes to 3:5 and harvests two of the red diagonals.

History of United Kingdom - UK Flag

Throughout the 16th century, the innovative flag flown in Scotland featured Saint Andrew’s cross. About the similar time period, England and Wales flew a flag containing St. George’s Cross. In Ireland, the cross of Saint Patrick decorated the flag. In the early 1700s, the flag of Great Britain joint St. George’s Cross overlaid on the Cross of St. Andrews. The present design combined St. Patrick’s Cross, and this design was first approved in 1801. The same design is continued today.

United Kingdom - UK Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The United Kingdom’s flag is one of the greatest familiar in the biosphere. The flag is also recognized as the Union Flag or the Union Jack. The flag’s project is quite stimulating, as is the story behindhand the design. The flag is made up of some different basics. The cross of Saint George, the patron saint of England, is superimposed on the cross of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and the Saltire of Saint Andrew.

About United Kingdom - UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland located off the north-western coast of the European mainland. United Kingdom shares a land border with Ireland and it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with the English Channel to the south and the Celtic Sea to the south-west and with the North Sea to the east. The population of United Kingdom is 66 million and the population density is 427 people per square kilometer. United Kingdom has unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The official language of United Kingdom is English and the currency is Pound. United Kingdom comprises of two letters United Kingdom code i.e. GB and its three letters United Kingdom code is GBR and in digits it is 826. The calling code is +44 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in United Kingdom is UTC +1 hours.

Being a constitutional republic, United Kingdom comprises of a total of four provinces. These are England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

United Kingdom - UK Country Information

Country United Kingdom - UK
Continent Europe
Official languages English
Capital London
Currency British pound £ (GBP)

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United Kingdom - UK Time Zones

CET UTC+00:00
CEST UTC+01:00

United Kingdom - UK Codes

Internet TLD GB
Three-letter country code GBR
Three-digit country code 826
Calling code +44