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Norway Flag

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Flag of Norway

Flag of Norway

The flag of Norway is red with azure blue Scandinavian cross fimbriae in white that spreads to the edges of the flag; the perpendicular portion of Norway flag has cross is shifted to the hoist side in the elegance of the Dannenberg, the flag of Denmark.

The flag of Norway was formally accepted on July 17, 1821. The flag of Norway has the red, white and blue colors. The flag of Norway is quite influenced by the French Tricolor flag. The off-centered white cross is occupied from the Danish flag, and the blue cross is the Cross of Sweden.

History of Norway Flag

On February 27, 1814, the crown leader Christian Frederick shaped the first characteristic Norwegian national flag. An expression of local antagonism to the Swedish rule compulsory on Norway, it contains red of Danish flag with its white cross, long applied in Norway, with the adding of the Norwegian arms in the top hoist canton. In 1821 the Norwegian parliament industrialized the characteristic design in use today, although it faced a 77-year fight to get Swedish gratitude of its legitimacy. Designed by Frederik Meltzer, the new pattern comprised of the white cross on red, used in the Danish flag, with a blue cross overlaid for difference. The Swedish king declined to let use of the flag on the high seas until 1838, and uniform then Norwegian ships were advised that they would not be endangered if they did not fly the official Swedish-Norwegian blending flag.

On June 20, 1844, the new Swedish king, Oscar I, recognized a new union sign by uniting the Swedish and Norwegian symbols. Each kingdom was hovered its individual flag but with that emblem added in the top canton. While this provided greater gratitude to the flag Norwegians favored, it was still not the “clean flag” they felt permitted to.

Norway Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The cross represents Christianity. The red and blue colors also openly referred to the similar two countries, previous and current union partners. A mainly red flag had many supporters who also favored the blue color associated with the New Norwegian autonomy. Consequently, most of the other flag suggestions on the agenda had either red or blue as the main color, depending on the political preferences of the proposers.

About Norway

Norway is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. The nation is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean (Norwegian Sea) in the west, North Sea to the southwest, the Barents Sea to the northeast, and the Skagerrak inlet to the south. The population of Norway is 5.6 million having population density of 14.34 sq. Km.

Norway has a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy. The official language of Norway is Norwegian and the currency is Krone. Norway comprises of two letters Norway code i.e. NO and its three letters Norway code is NOR and in digits it is 578 . The calling code is +47 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Norway is UTC +2 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Norway is commonly divided into five major geographical regions.

Norway Country Information

Country Norway
Continent Europe
Official languages Norwegian
Capital Oslo
Currency Norwegian krone kr (NOK)

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Norway Time Zones

CET UTC+01:00
CEST UTC+02:00

Norway Codes

Internet TLD NO
Three-letter country code NOR
Three-digit country code 578
Calling code +47