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Flags of European Countries

Flags of Europe

The country flags of all the European Nations is more or less have worldwide recognition. However, the most recognized amongst them is the Union Jack of the United Kingdom possessing a unique design which is a combination of three distinguished crosses within a single field. The design of the United Kingdom’s Flag is also used into the national flags of many other countries that were formerly the members of the British Empire. Besides the Flag of United Kingdom, the other recognized European Flags comprise of the national tricolours of France, Germany, Ireland and Italy.

Flags of Europe- Origin and Design

There are several European Flags as every country has its own national flag that differ in design but each one of those are united by their shared heritage. Majority of the designs of European Flags originated from the coat of arms of the feudal kings while some of the flags of Europe were designed particularly to create difference from this traditional designs of the flags in order to keep themselves distinguished. Thus, those flag designs were inspired by the revolutionary movements which in turn established another tradition leading to similarities among the flags of the European countries.

Historic Similarities in the flags of European countries with Flags of the Kings and the Rebels

The flags that initially began to be used as the personal symbols of the King show a huge variety. Majority of these flags have history that can be traced down to hundreds of years. Scandinavian nations comprise of some of the oldest flags that are characterized by the cross made on a solid background of other color. The similarities amongst those European Flags is the reflection of shared heritage and history of the nations. Many other nations that comprise of the recent designs of Flag such as United Kingdom still incorporate the symbols that arise from the medieval flags. Flags of some European countries that aren’t inspired from the medieval designs usually comprise of a three striped designs with different colors. The most popular amongst these is the Flag of France from which the flags of revolutionary movements of Europe took an inspiration. Further, Flag of France was altered by adoption of the colors related to the traditional culture of several other nations of Europe in order to create the revolutionary flags. The evolution of some of those traditional colors. The European flags that were even designed to highlight the ideals of revolutionary movement are often related to the Europe’s medieval past as the traditional colors used in its design are derived from the feudal heraldry.


The European continent together comprises of many flags as it constitutes of the flags of each country in the continent. But apart from these Europe itself comprises of its own flag that is recognized by both the European Union and the Council of Europe. Additionally, the Pan-European Organizations make use of the unique flags for representing themselves. The most popular amongst these is the Flag of European Union. This is much younger in comparison to any other Flags of Europe. The designs of these flags do not reflect any regional or national heritage instead it is indicative of the Organization’s role.