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Albania Flag

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Flag of Albania

Flag of Albania

By looking at Albanian Flag, the first thing that portrays is the never giving spirit. The story of struggle, patriotism and the long political unsettlement can be seen in the flag of Albania. It also describes about several Albanian regimes, republic, monarchy, fascist corporate state, and communist people. Since the fall of communism, there has been no symbol given on the heads of the eagle. The symbol ‘double-headed eagle’ in flag of Albania was re-launched and used during the 18, 19 and early 20 centuries. The respective symbol was used for their Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire. However, during 1912, with the declaration of independence in Vlora, the flag adopted as the symbol of the new nation.

History of Albania Flag

Albanian flag has suffered various changes over the years due to rule by different regimes, which modified it as per their dynasty requirements. During the supremacy of King Zog (1928–1939), a crown was extra added to the flag and was substituted by two fasces during the Italian occupation of Albania. During the World War II, the communist regime added a five-pointed golden star. On 7 April 1992, with the collapse of communist government in Albania, it brought another changes in the Albanian flag.

Albania's maritime flags—the civil pennant and the naval banner—are both diverse from the national flag of Albania. The civil emblem consists of three level bands of red, black, and red. The naval ensign is alike to the national flag, excluding that the eagle is on a white field, and the inferior portion of the flag has a red stripe. The eagle of the flag of Albania is portrayed on the opposite of the Albanian coin issued in 1995 and 2000. During John Hunyadi's campaign in 1443, a few hundred Albanians decamped from the Turkish ranks. He assumed the double-headed eagle flag as his spectacular victories in Athleta Christi.

Albania Flag Meaning and Design

The Kastrioti's coat of arms, portraying a black double-headed eagle on a red field, turn out to be well-known when he led a rebel against the Ottoman Empire ensuing in the independence of Albania from 1443 to 1479. The countrywide hero of Albania, a prince recognized as Skanderbeg (George Kastrioti), raised his flag over the bastion of Krujë in boldness of the Turks who ruled the country. Ottoman Empire had his flag red and bore a black eagle, which has become the symbol of Albania.

Albania Country Information, Currency, Codes, Time Zone

The country is located in Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe. Its coastline has both portions of the Mediterranean Sea at Adriatic and Ionian Sea in west with approximately 2.8 million people. Albania is bordered by Serbia (Kosovo) in north east, Montenegro in north, the Republic of Macedonia in east, and Greece in south east. Also, the nation shares maritime borders with Croatia and Italy. Albania is just a bit smaller than Belgium or Maryland. With the population density of 102 peoples per square kilometer or 39 per square mile, having land area about 28,748 km² the country.

The country ranks 144 when area is concerned and 105 when population density is measured in the world. Albania has unitary parliamentary constitutional republic. President of Albania is the head of state and the Prime Minister play the role of head of government in a multi-party system. The official language of Albania is Albanian, however, people speak in Italian, Greek, French, German, and English. The currency of Albania is Albanian Lek. Albania comprises of two letter country code i.e. AL and its three letter country code is ALB and in digits it is 355. The calling code is +355 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Albania is UTC +02:00. Albania comprises a total of 36 districts and no states or province.

Albania Country Information

Country Albania
Continent Europe
Official languages Albanian
Capital Tirana
Currency Albanian Lek

Albania Time Zones

CET UTC +02:00
CEST UTC +02:00

Albania Codes

Internet TLD AL
Three-letter country code ALB
Three-digit country code 008
Calling code +355

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