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Slovenia Flag

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Flag of Slovenia

Flag of Slovenia

The national flag of Slovenia has three equal flat stripes of white, blue, and red along with the Slovene coat of arms. Slovenia Flag has white is at the top, blue is at the middle, and red is at the bottom. The coat of arms is located towards the in the upper hoist side of the flag centered in the white and blue stripes.

The coat of arms is a protected with the image of Mount Triglav, Slovenia's highest peak in Flag of Slovenia. The coat of arms has white against a blue contextual at the middle; beneath it are two wavy blue lines signifying the Adriatic Sea and local rivers, and beyond it are three six-pointed golden stars in an inverted triangle.

History of Slovenia Flag

The tricolor flag of Slovenia has white-blue-red adopted in 1848. The flag sustained to be used through the century as the only sign on behalf of all Slovenes. Slight variations were made to the design of the flag through and after the World War. The contemporary flag that we see today was accepted only after the freedom of Slovenia. A red star that had been located in the tricolor to mean the Communist regime was detached. Instead of the star, the flag now contained the new Slovenian Coat of Arms intended by Marko Pogačnik. The flag was formally approved on June 27, 1991.

Slovenia Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The colors of the flag of Slovenia are resulting from the Duchy of Carniola’s coat of arms which contained a blue eagle on a white field and a semicircular in red and gold. This coat of arms was in usage throughout the medieval era. However, the colors of Slovenia’s flag are Pan-Slavic. The coat of arms in the flag is significant to the country. It is in the form of armor. It has a blue contextual. The highest top in the country, Mount Triglav, is contained in white in the blue arena. The local rivers and the Adriatic Sea are signified in the procedure of two wavy blue lines consecutively below the white peak. Above the mountain on the blue ground are three stars current in the form of an upturned triangle.

About Slovenia

Slovenia is surrounded by the Croatia to the south, Adriatic Sea, Austria to the north, Italy to the west, and Hungary to the east. The population of Slovenia 2.7 million and the population density is 101 people per square kilometer (262/sq mi).

The country has framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic. The official language of Slovenia is Slovenian and the currency is Euro. Slovenia comprises of two letters Slovenia code i.e. SI and its three letters Slovenia code is SVN and in digits it is 705 . The calling code is +386 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Slovenia is UTC +2 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Slovenia comprises a total of 12 independent regions instead of provinces or states.

Slovenia Country Information

Country Slovenia
Continent Europe
Official languages Slovene, Italian, Hungarian
Capital Ljubljana
Currency Euro € (EUR)

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Slovenia Time Zones

CET UTC+01:00
CEST UTC+02:00

Slovenia Codes

Internet TLD SI
Three-letter country code SVN
Three-digit country code 705
Calling code +386