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Turkey Flag

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Flag of Turkey

Flag of Turkey

The flag of the Republic of Turkey features a white star and crescent on the red. Turkey Flag was directly derived from the late Ottoman flag. The flag was adopted with the starting of 18th century; however, the flag got its final design in the year 1844.

The white star and semicircular on red as the ensign of the Ottoman Empire was presented 1844. After the substance of the Republic of Turkey in 1923, the new state upheld the last flag of the Ottoman Empire. In the Flag of Turkey, the relative standardizations were presented in the Turkish Flag Law of 1936.

History of Turkey Flag

The flag of the Ottomans was initially used throughout the 18th century. The flag was the motivation for the Turkish flag of today. When the Republic of Turkey was originated in 1923, it booked the last flag that was used by the Ottoman Empire. During the next period, the Turkish Flag Law was presented that outlined the specific scopes of the flag. This law also outlined the meticulous shadow of vivid red that was to be castoff in the flag. The present flag design was first approved in 1936 after slight modifications of the Ottoman flag.

Turkey Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The main attraction of the Turkish flag is the white semicircular moon and five-pointed star situated slightly off middle. This design was resulting from the Ottoman flag which was first approved in the late 1700s. This design has mythological origins. The Ottomans expressed a tale of a vision of Osman I. As legend energies, the founder of the Ottoman domestic saw a moon rising from a qadi. A tree sprang from the qadi’s loins, which produced until it enclosed the world. Underneath, Osman proverb the entire world spread out before him, as the legend of Turkey.

About Turkey

Turkey is bordered by Georgia to its northeast; Armenia, the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan and Iran to the east; Greece and Bulgaria to its northwest; and Iraq and Syria to the south. The population of the country is 80 million and population density of the nation is 104 people 783,562 square kilometers.

The country had unitary presidential constitutional republic. The official language of Turkey is Turkish and the currency is Lira. Turkey comprises of two letters Turkey code i.e. TR and its three letters Turkey code is TUR and in digits it is 90. The calling code is +90 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Turkey is UTC +3 hours.

Being a presidential constitutional republic, Turkey comprises of 81 provinces.

Turkey Country Information

Country Turkey
Continent Europe/Asia
Official languages Turkish
Capital Ankara
Currency Turkish lira (TRY)

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Turkey Time Zones

CET UTC+02:00
CEST UTC+03:00

Turkey Codes

Internet TLD TR
Three-letter country code TUR
Three-digit country code 792
Calling code +90