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Qatar Flag

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flag of Qatar

Flag of Qatar

The national flag of Qatar was recognized and accepted on 3 September 1971 after gaining independence from Britain. Qatar Flag has the ratio of 11:28. The flag has maroon with a comprehensive white jagged band having nine white points on the flown side. The flag is very alike to the flag of the neighboring country Bahrain, which has fewer points, a 3:5 proportion, and a red color instead of maroon. Qatar's flag is having a width more than double its height.

The flag has a white stripe on the flown side having nine white triangles substitute like a serrated line. The line splits the white stripes from a wider maroon stripe on the fly lateral of the flag. Flag of Qatar is fairly similar to the flag of adjacent Bahrain. However, Qatar’s flag has a width twice the height.

History of Qatar Flag

Historically, the flag of Qatar had a basic red in color and built on the banner used by the region’s Kharijite Muslims. According to the directive by the British, a white band was added to the flag in the 19th century. Later, a white and purple-red flag was approved. In 1932, the flag established several additions like diamonds, the word “Qatar”, and the jagged edge. Later, the designation of the country and the diamonds were detached from the flag. The flag was officially approved on July 9, 1971.

Qatar Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The nine triangles at the superiority of the white band mean the presence of the nation as the submissive Emirates’ 9th member. This inclusion occurred after the adoption of the 1916 Qatari-British treaty. The careful shade was distinct to be Pantone 1955 C by the republic’s government in 2015. The color is more commonly identified as 'Qatar maroon’. In 1949, maroon was approved colors of Qatar’s flag. The maroon was selected in its place of the red color to differentiate Qatar’s flag from the flag of Bahrain. Though the purple color was originally favored and famed for its purple dye industry.

About Qatar

Qatar is located in Western Asia at Arabian Peninsula. The nation has only one border with Saudi Arabia to the south. The population of Qatar is 2.7 million and the population density is 232 people per square kilometer.

Being an absolute monarchy government system, the official language of Qatar is Arabic and the currency is Rial. Qatar comprises of two letters Qatar code i.e. QA and its three letters Qatar code is QAT and in digits it is 634 . The calling code is +974 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Qatar is UTC +3 hours.

Having an absolute monarchy in the country, Qatar is divided into seven provinces and various municipalities.

Qatar Country Information Updated 2024

Country Qatar
Continent Asia
Official languages Arabic
Capital Doha
Currency Qatari riyal ر.ق (QAR)

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Qatar Time Zones

CET UTC+03:00
CEST UTC+03:00

Qatar Codes

Internet TLD QA
Three-letter country code QAT
Three-digit country code 634
Calling code +974