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North Korea Flag

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flag of North Korea

Flag of North Korea

The North Korean flag is an extensive red flat band surrounded by two thin white horizontal stripes. In North Korea Flag, there are delimited by two blue bands. In the center-left is a red five-pointed star secret of a white circle.

Flag of North Korea is prohibited from public use in South Korea due to its connotation with the ruling regime, though some exceptions for the practice of the flag exist.

History of North Korea Flag

The northern part of Korea observed the founding of a communist government subsequent Soviet occupation of the country in 1945. The local communist frontrunner, Kim Il-sung, was talented to execute his will on the North Koreans thru 46 years of rule. Not astonishingly, the flag, industrialized for his state, is different those of both communist and noncommunist republics in Asia. Its red band and star are symbols of the country’s promise to communism, while blue is depicts for a commitment to peace. The white bands define for purity, strength, and dignity.

The flag was announced on July 10, 1948, two months earlier the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea was declared. Formerly, the traditional Korean flag of white with a dominant red-blue disk and four sets of black bars were authorized in North Korea. North Korea has exploited its flag as an instrument of foreign policy.

North Korea Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The colors and codes of North Korea’s flag hold an important sense behind them. Breaking down the rudiments of the flag, the star is a sign of communism and socialism. The bands on the flags signify traditions, peace, sovereignty, friendship and purity. The colors of the flag are careful to be national colors.

However, other clusters have specified that the codes and colors of the flag mean dissimilar things. The bands symbolized patriotism, purpose, ethnic cleanliness and unity of the nation.

About North Korea

North Korea is situated in East Asia. The country shares border with three Asian countries. These countries are South Korea along the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), China along the Amnok River, and Russia along the Tumen River. The nation has 26 million inhabitants occupying the population density of 199.54 inhabitants per square kilometer.

North Korea has a Democratic People's Republic government. The official language of Korea is Korean and the currency is Won. North Korea comprises of two letters North Korea code i.e. KP and its three letters North Korea code is PRK and in digits it is 408 . The calling code is +850 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in North Korea is UTC +8 hours 30 minutes.

Being a democratic republic, North Korea comprises a total of nine provinces; these are North Hamgyong, Chagang, South Hwanghae, South Hamgyong, South Pyongan, Ryanggang, North Hwanghae, Kangwon, and North Pyongan.

North Korea Country Information Updated 2024

Country North Korea
Continent Asia
Official languages Korean
Capital Pyongyang
Currency North Korean won ₩ (KPW)

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North Korea Time Zones

CET UTC+09:00
CEST UTC+09:00

North Korea Codes

Internet TLD KP
Three-letter country code PRK
Three-digit country code 408
Calling code +850