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Jordan Flag

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flag of Jordan

Flag of Jordan

On 18 April 1928, the flag of Jordan was formally accepted. The Jordan Flag was founded on the 1917 flag of the Arab Revolt in contradiction of the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The flag comprises of flat black, white, and green stripes that are linked by a red chevron.

The colors state is the Pan-Arab Colors, depicting the Abbasid as black stripe, Umayyad as white stripe and Fatimid as green band caliphates. Flag of Jordan has red chevron for the Hashemite dynasty, and Arab Revolt. Foremost, these bands and chevron, a white star with seven opinions is contained on the winch side of the red chevron. The star represents for the unity of the Arab people. Its seven-pointed star mentions to the seven stanzas.

History of Jordan Flag

The region that is now Jordan was the chair of numerous earliest civilizations. People have occupied the extent since the Paleolithic Age. Later, numerous kingdoms ruled in the area counting the Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The latter lined the area pending the First World War. Throughout the war, the Ottomans were conquered from control in 1916 next the Great Arab Revolt. The territory, counting Jordan, was then alienated between the two European controls of France and Britain. The basics of the modern-day Jordan were first placed in 1921 when the Emirate of Transjordan was recognized as a British territory. Abdullah I of the Hashemite dynasty, the present ruling family in the republic, developed the first Emir of this country. In 1946, Jordan reached liberty from all procedure of foreign rule. For numerous years after individuality, the Hashemite Kingdom of Transjordan fought fights with Israel to regulator the West Bank. Through this time, the country was retitled as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. In 1994, Jordan employed a concord treaty with Israel that transported an end to the anger between the two nations. Today, Jordan is a legitimate monarchy where the king grasps significant power.

Jordan Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The seven points signify faith in one God, humankind, humility, nationwide spirit, virtue, social fairness, and ambition.

Every part of the flag of the republic is related with an exact sense. The design of the flag is founded on the flag rummage-sale by the rebels throughout the Arab Revolt in contradiction of the Ottoman Empire through the First World War. The three colors rummage-sale in the flag is the Pan-Arab colors. The present ruling family of the Jordan, the Hashemite dynasty, is characterized by the red chevron. The star at the midpoint of the chevron exemplifies the unity of the Arab people.

About Jordan

Jordan is located in Western Asia, and situated in an Arabian country. The nation is bordered by Iraq to the north-east, Saudi Arabia to the south and the east, Palestine (West Bank) to the west and Syria to the north and Israel. The country has over 10 million inhabitants with population density of 75 people per square kilometer (187/square mile).

Jordan is a framework of a parliamentary monarchy, and of a multi-party system government. The official language of Jordan is Arabic and the currency is Dinar. Jordan comprises of two letters Jordan code i.e. AT and its three letters Jordan code is AUT and in digits it is 400. The calling code is +962 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Jordan is UTC +3 hours.

Being a parliamentary monarchy, Jordan comprises a total of twelve governorates instead of provinces and states.

Jordan Country Information Updated 2024

Country Jordan
Continent Asia
Official languages Arabic
Capital Amman
Currency Jordanian dinar د.ا (JOD)

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Jordan Time Zones

CET UTC+02:00
CEST UTC+03:00

Jordan Codes

Internet TLD JO
Three-letter country code JOR
Three-digit country code 400
Calling code +962