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Flag of Japan

The national flag of Japan is a four-sided rectangle white banner bearing a crimson-red disc at its midpoint, which is he centre. Japan Flag was officially called Nisshōki earlier, however, now it is known as Hinomaru. It symbolizes the country's nickname: Land of the Rising Sun.

The Japanese flag has an actual humble design with lots of sense behind it. Flag of Japan comprises a white field. A big red disc is centered on the white field, expressive the sun. This is vital to the Japanese as of the sun’s role in mythology and religion.

History of Japan Flag

Japan’s first logged flags date back to the 16th century. There was not an authorized national flag, and greatest of these flags at the period were used during encounters to classify soldiers. It was during the 19th century when flag was hoisted on ships. It was later selected as the national flag in 1870 and continued the official flag for 15 years.

When laws were eliminated in 1885 that no lengthier chosen the Hinomaru as the national flag, it endured the de facto flag since no other laws were put in residence to replace it. Through the 20th century, the Hinomaru instigated being used again for festivity in processions and next war victories. After World War II, consent was wanted in order to fly the flag. These limits were lastly lifted in 1947, permitting the flag to be hovered on official government property. In 1948, flags were permissible to be used throughout national holidays and the subsequent year, all regulations were relaxed.

The flag was approved official in 1999 after countless years of moral discussions over the practice of the flag.

Japan Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The flag’s design exemplifies the country’s name, Land of the Rising Sun. The straightforward design is called Nisshoki formally, which interprets to “sun-mark flag.” Many Japanese folks also call the flag circle of the sun. When observing at the design, it is easy to understand how this design signifies the sun.

About Japan

Japan is a group of islands. It shares maritime borders with the Northern Mariana Islands (US territory), Taiwan (Republic of China), the Philippines, China, North Korea, Russia, and South Korea. The country has population of 125 million with population density 336 people per square kilometer.

Japan is a constitutional monarchy. The official language of Japan is Japanese and the currency is Yen. Japan comprises of two letters Japan code i.e. JP and its three letters Japan code is JPN and in digits it is 392. The calling code is +81 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Japan is UTC +9 hours.

Being a constitutional monarchy, Japan comprises a total of forty seven prefectures instead of states or provinces.

Japan Country Information Updated 2024

Country Japan
Continent Asia
Official languages Japanese
Capital Tokio
Currency Japanese yen ¥ (JPY)

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Japan Time Zones

CET UTC+09:00
CEST UTC+09:00

Japan Codes

Internet TLD JP
Three-letter country code JPN
Three-digit country code 392
Calling code +81