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Indonesia Flag

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Flag of Indonesia

Flag of Indonesia

The colors of the Indonesian flag are red and white. It brags a easy design, with an upper horizon strip of red that is somewhat smaller than the horizontal strip of white below. As beforehand mentioned, there are diverse views as to why these colors were selected. These colors, yet, have always been utilized as ceremonial colors by Indonesians. This is complete by mixing red sugar with white rice, which is a main component of the country’s food. The flag is tremendously similar to the national flag of Monaco, with only the measurement ratios being a conflicting factor.

History of Indonesia Flag

The flag was accepted on August 17, 1945 at the occasion of the Indonesian Declaration of Independence. The colors were adopted from the sign of the Majapahit Empire, even if the symbolism can be outlined back to legends. The Flag of the Netherlands, featuring strip s of red, white and blue, was exercised from the 1600s through 1942. Later, the Flag of regal Japan was flown through 1942 through 1945. Yet, once the nation becomes independent of Dutch rule, the red and white flag was accepted and has been in utilize since that time. Formally, the flag is recognized as the Sang Saka Merah-Puthi, which is interpreted to mean “lofty bicolor red and white.

Indonesia Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Indonesia never had an official connotation of its flag. There are theories and outlooks, however, as to what the plan of the flag stand for. One example is that the dyes of the flag symbolize courage and purity. Another theory is that the flag is representative of a human being: white represents the soul, while the red represents the actual human body.

About Indonesia

Lying in the Asian continent, Indonesia shares its borders on Borneo, Papua New Guinea on the island of New Guinea, and East Timor on the island of Timor, and maritime borders with Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Palau, and Australia. With the population density of 140.08 individuals per square kilometer, the Indonesia territory spreads across 1,919,440 sq km (Land Area: 1,826,440 sq km; Water Area: 93,000 sq km) accommodating 267.7 million inhabitants in the country. The capital of Indonesia is Jakarta.

Indonesia is a democratic constitutional republic government. The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian and the currency is Indonesian Rupiah. Indonesia comprises of two letters Indonesia code i.e. ID and its three letters Indonesia code is IDN and in digits it is 360. The calling code is +360 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Indonesia is UTC +7 hours.

Being democratic constitutional republic government; Indonesia comprises thirty-four independent states.

Indonesia Country Information Updated 2024

Country Indonesia
Continent Asia
Official languages Indonesian
Capital Jakarta
Currency Indonesian rupiah Rp (IDR)

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Indonesia Time Zones

CET UTC+07:00 to UTC+09:00
CEST UTC+07:00 to UTC+09:00

Indonesia Codes

Internet TLD ID
Three-letter country code IDN
Three-digit country code 360
Calling code +62