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Cambodia Flag

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flag of Cambodia

Flag of Cambodia

The flag of Cambodia is designed on a flat rectangular shape whose officially documented length-width ratio is 25:16. The flag landscapes a horizontal tri-band complete of two colors: red and blue. There are two blue stripes, above and bottom with a red band in the middle. Cambodia Flag has red stripe twice as thick as the blue bands. A white picture of the Angor Wat temple is placed on the red band.

A previous design of the flag originated in the form of a perpendicular rectangle. The design contained a tri-band of red and blue bands, which ran vertically. In Flag of Cambodia, the two blue stripes are situated on the flag’s hoist and fly side, while the red double-width band width in the middle.

History of Cambodia Flag

The national flag of Cambodia has gone through several modifications from 1948 to 1993. The design of the flag was approved after the Constituent Assembly election in 1993. This well-known temple site built in 12th century is depicted in the latest version of flags.

Since around 1850, the Cambodian flag has contained a representation of Angkor Wat in the centre. The present flag, with a blue border and red central was accepted following Cambodia's independence in 1948. It was castoff until 9 October 1970, when a new flag was presented for Lon Nol's Khmer Republic that persisted until the overthrow of the Khmer Rouge in 1975. The following state of Democratic Kampuchea, which was from 1975 to 1979, used a red flag with a three-towered Angkor Wat design recalled in yellow beginning in 1976. The People's Republic of Kampuchea was conventional in 1979, after the Vietnamese attack of Cambodia.

In 1993, the Cambodian flag used during 1948 was readopted. The current Cambodian flag, composed with the flag of Afghanistan, Spain, and Portugal, are the only four state flags to feature a structural construction.

Cambodia Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The symbolic meaning behind the colors of Cambodia’s flag is all enthused by the country's cultural beliefs. Red represents the bravery of the Cambodian nation and dominant religion – Buddhism in the country. White depicts country’s religious beliefs and virtue of cleanliness. The blue defines a sense of brotherhood, cooperation, and unity among the Cambodian people. Blue also represent the royalty of the country’s monarchy. The temple on the flag’s center represents great spiritual and cultural importance among Cambodians.

About Cambodia

Lying in the southeastern part of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a landlocked Laos in the northeast, Thailand in the west, Vietnam to the east, and northwest. The nation has a coastline at the Gulf of Thailand in the southwest. With the population density 82 people per square kilometer (212/square mile), that makes to the total surface area of Cambodia is at 181,035 square kilometers sheltering 1.6 cr inhabitants.

Cambodia has constitutional monarchy having official language of Cambodia is Khmer and the currency is Riel. Cambodia comprises of two letters Cambodia code i.e. KH and its three letters Cambodia code is KHM and in digits it is 116. The calling code is +855 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Cambodia is UTC +7 hours.

Being a federal republic, Cambodia comprises a total of 25 independent states that are also called as provinces.

Cambodia Country Information Updated 2024

Country Cambodia
Continent Asia
Official languages Khmer
Capital Phnom Penh
Currency Cambodian riel ៛ (KHR), United States dollar $ (USD)

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Cambodia Time Zones

CET UTC+07:00
CEST UTC+07:00

Cambodia Codes

Internet TLD KH
Three-letter country code KHM
Three-digit country code 116
Calling code +855