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Thailand Flag

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flag of Thailand

Flag of Thailand

The flag of Thailand is recognized as the Tricolor flag. Thailand Flag has this alias because of its usage of three dissimilar colors. The colors each signify something diverse. The red characterizes the land and the people. The white denotes the religions of the terrestrial, while the blue characterizes the monarchy.

This refers back to the illegal motto of the country, which is “nation-religion-king.” The Flag of Thailand has red and white stripes at the top and the bottom with a thicker blue stripe through the center.

History of Thailand Flag

The first flag of Thailand is supposed to be the basic red one used thru the 17th century when the nation was known as Siam. Later, naval flags used this red flag with diverse symbols counting a white elephant. The initially official flag was presented in 1855. It contained a white elephant on a red background. The flag was adapted in 1916 to change the elephant. The present flag was accepted in 1917.

Thailand Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The flag of Thailand landscapes flat stripes and while the design may not appear very significant, it really has deep symbolism. The colors of the flag are what have connotation, and it is said that the colors view for nation-religion-king, which is an unsanctioned motto of the nation.

About Thailand

Thailand shares boundaries with Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos. The population of the nation is 69 million. The population density of the country is 132.1 people per square kilometer (342/square mile).

Thailand has constitutional monarchy system in the government. The official language of Thailand is Thai and the currency is Baht. Thailand comprises of two letters Thailand code i.e. TH and its three letters Thailand code is THA and in digits it is 764. The calling code is +66 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Thailand is UTC +7 hours.

Being a monarchy system, Thailand comprises a total of 76 provinces.

Thailand Country Information Updated 2024

Country Thailand
Continent Asia
Official languages Thai
Capital Bangkok
Currency Thai baht ฿ (THB)

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Thailand Time Zones

CET UTC+07:00
CEST UTC+07:00

Thailand Codes

Internet TLD TH
Three-letter country code THA
Three-digit country code 764
Calling code +66