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Philippines Flag

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flag of Philippines

Flag of Philippines

The National Flag of the Philippines has a horizontal design having bicolor with equal stripes of royal blue and crimson red, with a white, regular triangle at the hoist. In the middle of the triangle is a there is golden-yellow sun emitting eight primary rays, each signifying a Philippine province. Philippines Flag at each apex of the triangle is a five-pointed is representing three main island groups—Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. A sole feature of this flag is its practice to designate a state of war if it is showed with the red side on top, which is efficiently realized just by flipping the flag upside-down.

The Philippines flag landscapes four different colors. There is one flat bicolor of blue and red, which encounter at a white regular triangle. The Flag of Philippines also landscapes a yellow sun with eight rays for each of the eight shires, and three five-pointed stars in the apexes of the triangle. These three stars characterize the island groups of Visayas, Luzon and Mindanao.

History of Philippines Flag

The unique flags of the Philippines were applied by the leaders of revolutionary movements. Previously the flag landscaped a red field with three white letters. After sometime, there was a new flag adopted with a white sun. The flag went through another modification during 19th century. This time the Sun symbol was modified.

It was throughout the late 19th century that Emilio Aguinaldo came up with the idea for the design of the flag that being hoisted today. The flag was first showed in 1898 and had red field upwards to designate that the nation was at war with the United States. In 1907, it was unlawful to fly the flag of the Philippines; however this law was later canceled in 1919. In 1920, the flag was approved by law. The flag was barred again in 1941 however was reinstated in 1943. Over the years, the project of the flag has been changed somewhat, while the contemporary flag flown today was approved in 1998.

Philippines Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The flag of the Philippines is interesting and has some unique ciphers to characterize the country. The eight-rayed sun symbolizes each of the regions of the country. The three stars designed on the flag are illustrating the main island groups of the state. Also, one of the most sole things about this flag is how it can be showed in two dissimilar ways.

About Philippines

Philippines is an island nation situated at south of Taiwan, Pacific Ocean in east, and east of the South China Sea. The country is comprised of 7,107 islands. The country shares maritime borders with China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Palau. The country has over 105 million inhabitants occupying population density of 363 per Km2 (939 people per mi2).

The island nation has unitary state under a presidential representative and democratic and a constitutional republic. The official language of Philippines is Filipino and the currency is Peso. Philippines comprises of two letters Philippines code i.e. PH and its three letters Philippines code is PHL and in digits it is 608. The calling code is +63 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Philippines is UTC +8 hours.

Being a democratic republic, the country has seventeen regions instead of provinces or states.

Philippines Country Information Updated 2024

Country Philippines
Continent Asia
Official languages Filipino, English
Capital Manila
Currency Philippine peso ₱ (PHP)

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Philippines Time Zones

CET UTC+08:00
CEST UTC+08:00

Philippines Codes

Internet TLD PH
Three-letter country code PHL
Three-digit country code 608
Calling code +63