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Kyrgyzstan Flag

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Flag of Kyrgyzstan

The flag of Kyrgyzstan features of a red field charged with a yellow sun that covers a representation of a yurt. Kyrgyzstan Flag is actually a portrayal of the first thing one understands when waking up in a yurt, specifically the construction of the pinnacle of every Kyrgyz yurt with three crossing laths across the circular maiden at the top of the yurt.

Flag of Kyrgyzstan was adopted in 1992 after gaining independence. Earlier the flag of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR) used to be hover on the land. However, after independence, the flag has been used by Kyrgyz Republic to represent the nation. Although the color of the flag is indistinguishable to the former Soviet flag, the red is inspired by the banner lifted by Manas, the country's folk hero.

History of Kyrgyzstan Flag

During the Central Asian revolt of 1916, Kyrgyz insurgents were labeled as wielding white signs during an attack on Prebechakenska. Under Soviet rule, the Union Republic – coterminous with contemporary Kyrgyzstan – utilized a flag resulting from the flag of the Soviet Union and signifying Communism that was adopted in 1953. It professed itself independent on August 31, 1991, about four months before the disbanding of the Soviet Union. Yet, the Soviet-era flag supported its status as the national flag for seven months after freedom was declared.

Kyrgyzstan Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The colors and ciphers of the flag transmit cultural, political, and regional senses. The red field signifies for "bravery and valor", and refers to the claimed emblem hoisted by the national hero of Kyrgyzstan. The sun characterizes peace and prosperity, while its 40 rays opinion for the number of tribes combined to fight against the Mongols, as well as the number of supporters. The centre of the sun landscapes a artificial design of the roof top a old-style Kyrgyz tent (yurt) when regarded from the interior.

About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is located in Asia. The nation is surrounded by the north by Kazakhstan, the east and southeast by China, on the south by Tajikistan. The nation has over 6 million population and the population density is 29 people per km²).

Kyrgyzstan has parliamentary representative democratic republic. The official language of Kyrgyzstan is Kyrgyz and the currency is Som. Kyrgyzstan comprises of two letters Kyrgyzstan code i.e. KG and its three letters Kyrgyzstan code is KGZ and in digits it is 417 . The calling code is +996 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Kyrgyzstan is UTC +01:00 and UTC+02:00 in summer.

Being a democratic republic, Kyrgyzstan comprises a total of 9 independent provinces.

Kyrgyzstan Country Information Updated 2024

Country Kyrgyzstan
Continent Asia
Official languages Kyrgyz, Russian
Capital Bischkek
Currency Kyrgyzstani som лв (KGS)

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Kyrgyzstan Time Zones

CET UTC+06:00
CEST UTC+06:00

Kyrgyzstan Codes

Internet TLD KG
Three-letter country code KGZ
Three-digit country code 417
Calling code +996