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Bhutan Flag

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Flag of Bhutan

Flag of Bhutan

In 1965, the national flag of Bhutan was adopted by the government. The Bhutanese flag landscapes the Thunder Dragon, which is the country's emblem. Here, yellow signifies the authority of the king, white dignifies the purity and loyalty, while orange is represent the Drukpa monasteries.

The Bhutanese subsequently reshaped their flag to match the capacities of the flag of India, which Bhutan people believed beat their Flag of Bhutan. Other alterations such as changing the red background color to orange led to the current design. The modified design is used since 1969. The National Assembly of Bhutan codified a code of conduct in 1972 to solemnize the flag's design and establish protocol concerning to acceptable flag sizes and conditions for hovering the flag.

History of Bhutan Flag

Drukpa was founded by Tsangpa Gyare's nephew and spiritual heir Önrey Dharma Sengye and afterward spread throughout Bhutan. The country later becomes known as Druk. This legend offers one clarification for how the imagery of the dragon originated to form the foundation of the national flag of Bhutan. This tradition dates to 1189, the creator of the Drukpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism was in Phoankar (Tibet) where he allegedly witnessed the Namgyiphu valley shining with rainbow and light. He arrived in the valley to select a site for the building of a monastery, whereupon he heard three peals of thunder – a sound twisted by the druk (dragon) rendering to popular Bhutanese belief. Historically Bhutan is recognized by many names, but the Bhutanese call the country Druk after the tag of the Bhutanese thunder dragon.

Bhutan Flag Meaning and Design

The current Bhutanese flag is alienated diagonally from the lower hoist-side corner, with the upper triangle yellow and the lower triangle orange. Centred along in-between line is a large black and white dragon facing away from the hoist side. The dragon is holding a Norbu, or jewel, in each of its claws. The background colors of the flag, yellow and orange, are recognized as Pantone 116 and 165 respectively. Equivalents of these shades and the white of the Druk are stated by numerous other codes according to particular corresponding systems as indicated below.

Bhutan Country Information, Currency, Codes, Time Zone

Bhutan is landlocked country in South Asia, the Kingdom of Bhutan is situated at the eastern end of the Himalayas. This nation shares borders with China and India. Bhutan's other two neighboring countries are Nepal and Bangladesh. With the population density of (people per sq. km) in Bhutan was reported at 20.93 sq. Km in 2016, with the approximate 8.08 lacs inhabitants. Bhutan has constitutional monarchy and it is ruled by the King.

The official language of Bhutan is Dzongkha and the currency is Bhutanese Ngultrum. Bhutan comprises of two letters Bhutan code i.e. BT and its three letters Bhutan code is BTN and in digits it is 064. The calling code is +975 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Bhutan is UTC +6 hours. Being a Constitutional Monarchy, Bhutan comprises a total of nine independent states that are also called as provinces. These include: Trongsa, Paro, Punakha, Wangdue Phodrang, Daga (also Taka, Tarka, or Taga), Bumthang, Thimphu, Kurtoed (also Kurtoi, Kuru-tod), and Kurmaed (or Kurme, Kuru-mad).

Bhutan Country Information Updated 2024

Country Bhutan
Continent Asia
Official languages Dzongkha
Capital Thimphu
Currency Bhutanese Ngultrum Nu. (BTN), Indian rupee ₹ (INR)

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Bhutan Time Zones

CET UTC+06:00
CEST UTC+06:00

Bhutan Codes

Internet TLD BT
Three-letter country code BTN
Three-digit country code 064
Calling code +975