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Iraq Flag

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flag of Iraq

Flag of Iraq

The Iraqi monarchy was conquered in 1958, and on July 14, 1959, a completely new Iraq Flag was recognized; its vertical bands were black-white-green, and the central symbol included a yellow sun (for the Kurds) framed by eight red rays.

The colors honored a 13th-century mentioning to red as readiness to shed blood, green for Arab fields, black for combats, and white for cleanliness of motives and performances. On Jan. 14, 1991, the Flag of Iraq was modified by tallying the Arabic caption “Allāhu akbar” between the three stars on the flag.

History of Iraq Flag

The original flag that thoroughly resembles the contemporary Iraqi flag of nowadays was the flag of the Kingdom of Iraq. This flag contained black, white and green stripes with a red trapezoid landscaping two seven-pointed white stars. This flag was used by the Arab Federation that presented the tricolor design with a red triangle on the hoist side. This flag was cast-off for less than one year.

In 1959, Iraq accepted a new flag once it developed a republic. This flag included a vertical tricolor with an eight-pointed red star and a yellow ring in the center of the star. This variety was used until 1963. This flag was considered as the national flag until 1991, when it was modified through Flag Law No. 6 of 1991. In 2004, a new design was initiated by Law 9 of 2008 by removing three stars in this version.

Iraq Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The colors signify different characters and the faith of Islam. The national flag also landscapes the Arabic mien “God is great” written in Kufic script. The colors of the Iraqi flag stand great symbolism. The flag landscapes a straight tricolor of red, white and black. Joint with the green Kufic script on the white stripe, these colors structure the “pan-Arab” colors. The red is used to represent the courage and struggles of the state. The black characterizes both the oppression and triumph of the Islamic religion. The color white signifies the upcoming of Iraq and the kindness of its people. The green is associated with Islam.

About Iraq

The country is located in Southwestern Asia at Middle East. Iraq is landlocked country bordered Syria and Jordan to the west, Saudi Arabia to the south, the Persian Gulf, Kuwait to the east, and Turkey to the north. The nation has estimated population about 40 million and population density of 83 people per square kilometer (184/square mile).

Iraq has a federal parliamentary representative democratic republic. The official language of Iraq is Arabic and Kurdish and the currency is Dinar. Iraq comprises of two letters Iraq code i.e. IQ and its three letters Iraq code is IRQ and in digits it is 368. The calling code is +964 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Iraq is UTC +03 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Iraq comprises a total of 19 governorates, also known as provinces.

Iraq Country Information Updated 2024

Country Iraq
Continent Asia
Official languages Arabic, Kurdish
Capital Bagdad
Currency Iraqi dinar ع.د (IQD)

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Iraq Time Zones

CET UTC+03:00
CEST UTC+03:00

Iraq Codes

Internet TLD IQ
Three-letter country code IRQ
Three-digit country code 368
Calling code +964