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Mongolia Flag

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flag of Mongolia

Flag of Mongolia

The flag of Mongolia is a perpendicular tricolor with two reds at in sides and a blue in the central, with the Mongolian sign defacing the left red band. Mongolia Flag blue band is categorized as the eternal blue sky and the red bands symbolize thriving forever.

The sign is a geometric concept that characterizes fire, sun, moon, soil, marine, and a round shape as dualist aspect. The current flag was accepted on January 12, 1992, with the authorized color standards since July 8, 2011. Prior to 1992, the flag of Mongolia had a communist star overhead during the concluding 47 years of the Mongolian.

History of Mongolia Flag

In 1921 a communist government derived to power and presented the Red Banner, but the 1911 flag was reinstated in 1924. During World War II, Mongolia putative a flag (1940–45) like those of associate states in the Soviet Union, which it appeared Mongolia was probable to join. In 1945, flag was shifted toward the hoist and signified in yellow for greater perceptibility; the lotus was removed and, above the soyombo, the usual socialist star was added. The red circumstantial was replaced by equal bars of red-blue-red, signifying communism and Mongol nationalism. That flag sustained in custom after the overthrow of the communist administration until February 12, 1992.

Mongolia Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Historically, blue has been related with the Mongolian persons as a symbol of the open heavens under which they traveled throughout Central Asia. Mongolia also has regularly utilized yellow in its flags, as a symbol of the Yellow Hat Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, which was propagated there in the 16th century. In 1911, when the contemporary Mongolian state was first recognized, its yellow flag bore in the middle in blue a traditional emblem. This consists of figures representing philosophical values characteristic in Mongolian culture and religion.

About Mongolia

Mongolia is a landlocked nation in Central and East Asia, located within the China and Russia boundary range. The total land area is 1,564,116 square kilometres having population density of 1.9487 sq. Km. the nation has total population of over 3.1 million.

Mongolia is a semi-federal presidential democratic with parliamentary representative democracy with the capital. The official language of Mongolia is Khalkha Mongol and the currency is Tugrik. Mongolia comprises of two letters Mongolia code i.e. MN and its three letters Mongolia code is MNG and in digits it is 496 . The calling code is +976 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Mongolia is UTC +8 hours.

Being a federal republic, Mongolia comprises of twenty one provinces.

Mongolia Country Information Updated 2024

Country Mongolia
Continent Asia
Official languages Mongolian
Capital Ulaanbaatar
Currency Mongolian tögrög ₮ (MNT)

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Mongolia Time Zones

CET UTC+07:00 to UTC+08:00
CEST UTC+07:00 to UTC+08:00

Mongolia Codes

Internet TLD MN
Three-letter country code MNG
Three-digit country code 496
Calling code +976