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South Korea Flag

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flag of South Korea

Flag of South Korea

The flag of South Korea landscapes 4 colors: white, black, red and blue. South Korea Flag has white contextual is a traditional color in Korean philosophy that represents purity and peace.

Flag of South Korea has black color utilized for the 4 trigrams, each symbolizing a different asset. The yin-yang in the central is half red and half blue, with blue representing negative cosmic forces, while red signifies positive cosmic forces.

History of South Korea Flag

Before to 1876, Korea had not a national flag. However, during the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1876, it was proposed to Korea to have a national flag. Still, the country had to wait for more than a decade to have their flag. Ma Jianzhong proposed designing a flag with a white background, a red and black circle and eight black bars. In 1882, the first flag of Korea was designed, and flown on the land. Eventually, the flag was formally approved as the national flag of Korea.

After Korea acquired its freedom in 1945, the flag remained in use. In 1984, the exact sizes of the flag were arranged and in 1997, the exact colors were stated in a presidential decree.

South Korea Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

South Korea flag has the most unique design significant meaning of the flag. The color white has high importance in South Korea’s history. White represents peace and purity, and it was a very common color of clothing during the 19th century. Today, though it is not as predominant, it is still found in outdated South Korean attire.

The ring in the middle signifies yin-yang – or balance in the cosmos. Half of the circle is represents positive forces, while the next half is signifies negative forces. The trigrams composed characterize harmony and movement. Each separate trigram has meaning. Each is emblematic of a celestial body – heaven, sun, moon and earth – that includes humanity, intelligence, justice, and courtesy.

About South Korea

Lying in the Asian continent, it shares boundaries with only North Korea with approximately 50.5 million inhabitants. It is surrounded by water and has 2,413 kilometres (1,499 mi) of coastline along three seas; to the south is the East China Sea, to the west is the Yellow Sea (West Sea), and to the east is the Sea of Japan. The nation has population density of 528 per Km2 (1,368 people per mi2).

South Korea has an executive and legislative branches operate operated by various ministries to carry out local functions. The official language of South Korea is Korean and the currency is Won. South Korea comprises of two letters South Korea code i.e. KR and its three letters South Korea code is KOR and in digits it is 410. The calling code is +82 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in South Korea is UTC +9 hours.

South Korea comprises a total of nine independent here are 9 provinces in South Korea.

South Korea Country Information Updated 2024

Country South Korea
Continent Asia
Official languages Korean
Capital Seoul
Currency South Korean won ₩ (KRW)

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South Korea Time Zones

CET UTC+09:00
CEST UTC+09:00

South Korea Codes

Internet TLD KR
Three-letter country code KOR
Three-digit country code 410
Calling code +82