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Nicaragua Flag

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Flag of Nicaragua

Flag of Nicaragua

On September 4, 1908, the flag of Nicaragua was initially approved by the constitution. It is formed and influenced from the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America. Nicaragua Flag has the two Blue stripes on the flag and the arms of Nicaragua. The arms of coat are quite similar to the United Provinces of Central America. The flag has Cap of Liberty, triangle, volcanoes, rising sun, and rainbow appeared on the original emblem. However, the modified coat of arms on the current flag comprises of name of the state, and Republica de Nicaragua.

The result to revert to the symbols used by the United Provinces of Central America was occupied in 1908 and reflected Nicaragua's aspirations for the rebirth of the political object formed by the 5 nations. Except for the text about the arms, the Flag of Nicaragua is very alike to that of the United Provinces of Central America. The 5 volcanoes signify the original 5 member states, the Cap of Liberty signifies national autonomy, and the rays of the sun and the rainbow are representative of the bright future to come.

History of Nicaragua Flag

The present version of Nicaragua’s national flag was used on September 4, 1908. But, it wasn't formally approved until August 27, 1971. The flag’s design is enthused by and closely resembles that of the flag used by the previous United Provinces of Central America. The design of the country’s flag did undergo some changes since freedom. The flag directly preceding the current flag was applied from 1908 to 1971. This flag had slight differences in the design of the Coat of Arms. The flag applied in 1823 after the nation’s freedom was also quite alike to the present day flag.

Nicaragua Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The two blue bands of the flag of Nicaragua signify the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. However, the blue denotes loyalty and justice. The flag’s white color embodies peace. The landscapes present in the coat of arms also have their separate meanings. The unity of the five member states of the United Provinces of Central America is obtainable as the five volcanoes. The national liberty is represented by the Cap of Liberty. A bright future of Nicaragua is designated by the sun and the rainbow. The triangle is a sign of equality. The name of the republic and its position in the world are stated in words of gold encircling the triangle.

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is among the list of largest countries in the Central America. The nation is bordered the Caribbean to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Honduras to the northwest, and Costa Rica to the south. The land has 6.2 million people living forming 51.7 people per sq. km.

Having unitary dominant-party presidential constitutional republic, the official language of Nicaragua is Spanish and the currency is Cordoba. Nicaragua comprises of two letters Nicaragua code i.e. NI and its three letters Nicaragua code is NIC and in digits it is 558. The calling code is +505 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Nicaragua is UTC -6 hours. Nicaragua is a unitary republic; the nation has divided its land into fifteen administrative regions.

Nicaragua Country Information

Country Nicaragua
Continent North America
Official Languages Spanish
Capital Managua
Currency Nicaraguan córdoba C$ (NIO)

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Nicaragua Time Zones

CET UTC-06:00
CEST UTC-06:00

Nicaragua Codes

Internet TLD NI
Three-letter country code NIC
Three-digit country code 558
Calling code +55