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Bahamas Flag

Flag of Bahamas

Flag of Bahamas

The nation’s Bahamas Flag comprises of a black triangle positioned at the hoist with three horizontal bands. These bands are aquamarine, gold and aquamarine. The flag has been used in Commonwealth of the Bahamas after the nation gained independence. The present design of flag incorporated the elements of several submissions made in a national contest prior to the independence.

Flag of Bahamas was approved in the year 1973, which replaced the British Blue Ensign defaced with the emblem of the Crown Colony of the Bahamas Islands. The Bahamian flag has been often seen used as a flag of convenience by foreign-owned merchant vessels.

History of Bahamas Flag

The Bahamas turn out to be a crown colony of the UK within its colonial empire in 1717. Under the colonial rule, the Bahamas Islands were used for British Blue Ensign and defaced territory. This inspired the pirates chased the British ships by two pirate ships, and out at the high seas encircled by the motto. Thus, the symbol was designed in around 1850, but the design was approved only in 1964.

After the 1972 elections, the Bahamas islands began to negotiate on independence. Here, the search for a national flag began and was decided that the new flag to have a merger of the elements from various submissions. 10 July 1973, the Bahamas became an independent country, adopted the current Flag of Bahamas.

Bahamas Flag Meaning and Design

The colors of the flag transmit cultural, political, and regional meanings. The black color depicts the strength and will power of the citizens, yellow the sandy beautiful beaches, and the aquamarine blue signifies the Caribbean Sea. The gold refers to the shining Sun, which defines key land-based on natural resources. Further, the aquamarine epitomizes the water bodies surrounding the beautiful country Bahamas. The black symbolizes the strength – vigor - force of the Bahamian people. The directed triangle suggests their enterprising and determined nature for cultivating the plentiful natural resources available on the land and sea.

About Bahamas Republic

The Bahamas is located 80 km (50 mi) south-east of the coast of Florida (USA) and north of Cuba in the northwestern West Indies. It is also called as the Caribbean islands group accompanied around 700 islands and islets, and more than 2,000 cays (coral reefs). However, out of 700 Islands, only about 30 islands are inhabited with approximately 3.95 lacs inhabitants. Interestingly, the population density of Bahamas is about 39.08 sq. Km in 2016.

The Bahamas has a parliamentary constitutional monarchy, where the Queen of the Bahamas is Elizabeth II. All the political and legal traditions are closely monitor and administrated by the UK government and the Westminster system. The official language of Bahamas is English and the currency is USD. Bahamas comprises of two letters Bahamas code i.e. BS and its three letters Bahamas code is BHS and in digits it is 044 . The calling code is +1-242 and the UTC/GMT -4 hours. There are 21 states called a provinces make the Bahamas.

Bahamas Country Information

Country Bahamas Republic
Continent North America
Official Languages English
Capital Nassau
Currency Bahamian dollar $ (BSD)

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Bahamas Time Zones

CET UTC-05:00
CEST UTC-04:00

Bahamas Codes

Internet TLD BS
Three-letter country code BHS
Three-digit country code 044
Calling code +1242