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Guatemala Flag

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Flag of Guatemala

Flag of Guatemala

The flag of Guatemala comprises of two colors. These are Maya blue and white. Guatemala Flag also features two sky blue bands representing two of its Oceans, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The white means peace and purity. The blue and white colors are based on the flag of the former Federal Republic of Central America.

In the midpoint of the flag is the Guatemalan coat of arms. It comprises the resplendent quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala that represents liberty. The Flag of Guatemala represents crossed rifles, willingness to defend, victory, and honor of the country.

History of Guatemala Flag

Guatemala flag resembles Central America’s flag. It was in 1871 when a flag bearing the innovative colors was restored. However, the bands were changed from vertical to horizontal and a new coat of arms was featured. Same year, the flag was adopted as the national flag of the nation.

Guatemala Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The Guatemalan flag landscapes two horizontal blue bands on the outer edges. These bands are meant to signify that the nation is protected between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The color of the bands also depicts the sky over the country. The middle band means peace and purity. The nation’s coat of arms is also situated in the center of the flag. There are two crossed rifles that represent how the nation is eager to use force to defend itself.

About Guatemala

Guatemala is a situated in Central America. The nation shares boundaries with the Pacific Ocean to the south, Belize and the Caribbean to the northeast, Mexico to the north and west, Honduras to the east, and El Salvador to the southeast. With an estimated population of around 16.6 million, the nation population density of 134 people per square kilometer (349/square mile).

Guatemala has a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic. The official language of Guatemala is Spanish and the currency is Guatemalan quetzal. Guatemala comprises of two letters Guatemala code i.e. GT and its three letters Guatemala code is GTM and in digits it is 320. The calling code is +52 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Guatemala is UTC -6 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Guatemala comprises of 22 departments and sub-divided into about 332 municipalities.

Guatemala Country Information

Country Guatemala
Continent North America
Official Languages Spanish
Capital Guatemala-City
Currency Guatemalan quetzal Q (GTQ)

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Guatemala Time Zones

CET UTC-06:00
CEST UTC-06:00

Guatemala Codes

Internet TLD GT
Three-letter country code GTM
Three-digit country code 320
Calling code +52