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Honduras Flag

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Flag of Honduras

Flag of Honduras

On March 7, 1866, Honduras Flag was adopted based on the flag of the Federal Republic of Central America. In 1823 Honduras associated with the United Provinces of Central America and accepted their flag. In 1866 it was corrected; five azure stars were placed in the middle to characterize the five original Central American provinces. The colors and decoration are the same as the flag of the United Provinces of Central America.

The flag of Honduras features three horizontal stripes of equal width with a general length: width ratio of 1:2. The two outer cerulean stripes define the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and also symbol the blue sky and brotherhood. The inner white stripe represents the land between the ocean and the sea, the peace and wealth of its people, and purity of thoughts.

History of Honduras Flag

On July 1, 1823, Central America announced its individuality after two years under Mexican rule and formed the United Provinces of Central America. In 1838 Honduras detached itself from the United Provinces, though it continued to use the federation flag until 1862. In the following years of peace, courtesy was focused on appropriate national symbols. On February 16, 1866, Central American blue-white-blue flag was retained for use with a distinctive new central symbol. The design selected comprise of five blue stars for the former Central American federation members like Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

The Honduran flag was approved after the United States well-kept its national union in a civil war. The flag with its three stripes constituted a subtle reference particularly in light of the continued support of Central American federation. Several abortive efforts at reunifying the five countries were made in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, each time under a horizontal blue-white-blue flag.

Honduras Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The two blue stripes dignifies for the two oceans -The Pacific & the Caribbean Sea. The blue color depicts the bonds of brotherhood and the middle white band symbolizes Honduras’ land area surrounded by two oceans. White stands for the virtues of purity, peace, and prosperity for the people of Honduras.

About Honduras

Honduras is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. The nation has El Salvador to the south west, Nicaragua south east, and Guatemala lies to the west. The country has 9.7 million populations with the population density of 188 inhabitants per square kilometer with a total area of 112,890 square kilometres (43,590 sq mi).

The nation has a framework of a multi-party system presidential representative democratic republic having official language of Honduras is Lempira and the currency is Spanish. Honduras comprises of two letters Honduras code i.e. HN and its three letters Honduras code is HND and in digits it is 340. The calling code is +504 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Honduras is UTC -6 hours.

The regions have been divided into eighteen departments. Its departments are the states and provinces of the country.

Honduras Country Information

Country Honduras
Continent North America
Official Languages Spanish
Capital Tegucigalpa
Currency Honduran lempira L (HNL)

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Honduras Time Zones

CET UTC-06:00
CEST UTC-06:00

Honduras Codes

Internet TLD HN
Three-letter country code HND
Three-digit country code 340
Calling code +54