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Panama Flag

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Flag of Panama

Flag of Panama

Panama gained its freedom from Colombia on November 3, 1925. The Panama Flag was officially adopted on the Independence Day. However, the nation celebrates November 4 as Panamanian Flag Day, which falls one day after Panamanian separation from Colombia. This is the festive time in Panama, which comprises of series of holidays celebrated on the same month known as the Fiestas Patrias.

The initial flag designed in 1903 comprises of thirteen horizontal stripes of alternating red and yellow, with a blue canton covering two golden suns, combined by a narrow line to portray the oceans to be united by the Panama Canal. Though, this was not acknowledged by the Panamanian leader, Manuel Amador Guerrero, whose household built a new flag. Flag of Panama has stars and quarters that stand for the rival political revelries, and the white signifies for the peace and blue depicts the Conservatives and red stands for Liberals.

History of Panama Flag

Though there were secessionist actions in Panama once it was part of Colombia in the 19th century, there was no documented Panamanian flag. In 1903, when the senate of Colombia forbidden the proposed agreement with the United States that would have if for the construction of a Panama canal, Americans aided the Panamanian freedom movement, and the Republic of Panama was shaped.

Originally a flag design was future that used the colors of the Colombian flag. It contained of equal flat bands of red and yellow with a blue canton way two linked yellow suns, on behalf of the linking of the two halves of the earth by the future Panama Canal. The flag project that was finally chosen developed authorized on July 4, 1904; it was divided quarterly with two stars. The attributed representation was the interchange of the two major political parties in administration, although the colors and stars clearly hinted at the effect of the flag of the United States. The Panamanian flag was intended by Manuel E. Amador, son of the first leader of the new republic.

Panama Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The Flag of the Republic contains a divided square of four quarters: the top field close to the pole white with a blue star of five stars; the top field from the pole, red; the field near the pole, blue; and the lower one further from the pole, white with a red star of five points. This flag was to replicate the political state of the time. The blue was intended to signify the Conservative Party and the red to characterize the Liberal Party. The white was intended to stand for peace and purity; the blue star stands for the purity and morality of the life of the nation; the red star embodies the authority and law in the state; and together the stars depicts for the new republic.

About Panama

Panama is located in Central America and it is bordered by Colombia to the southeast, the Caribbean Sea to the north, Costa Rica to the west, and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The nation has over 4 million inhabitants along with having population density of 54 people per square mile.

Panama has a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic with multi-party system. The official language of Panama is Spanish and the currency is Balboa. Panama comprises of two letters Panama code i.e. PA and its three letters Panama code is PAN and in digits it is 591 . The calling code is +507 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Panama is UTC -5 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Panama has divided its land into 10 provinces and 3 indigenous regions.

Panama Country Information

Country Panama
Continent North America
Official Languages Spanish
Capital Panama City
Currency Panamanian balboa B/. (PAB), United States dollar $ (USD)

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Panama Time Zones

CET UTC-05:00
CEST UTC-05:00

Panama Codes

Internet TLD PA
Three-letter country code PAN
Three-digit country code 591
Calling code +57