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Papua New Guinea Flag

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Papua New Guinea

Flag of Papua New Guinea

On 1 July 1971, the flag of Papua New Guinea was approved by the constitution of the nation. Papua New Guinea Flag landscapes the Southern Cross; in the fly, a ragging bird-of-paradise is silhouetted. The design was selected through a nationwide design competition in same year. The winning design comprises of red and black traditional colors of Papua New Guinean tribes, and the bird-of-paradise is found on the national coat-of-arms.

Prior to freedom, the Australian administration planned a vertical tricolor flag with blue, yellow and green bands, along with the bird of heaven and Southern Cross for the nation. Flag of Papua New Guinea has blue color, which represents the sea and islands of New Guinea. The Southern Cross was a leader for the nomadic peoples, the gold signified the coastlines, inorganic wealth, and unity, and the green characterized the forested highlands and mainland, with the Bird of Paradise on behalf of the unification under one nation. The Southern Cross displays that it is a republic in the Southern Hemisphere.

History of Papua New Guinea Flag

In the 20th century the two lands finally related in Papua New Guinea were managed by the Germans, British, and Australians. The foreign governments had no authorized symbols of local significance, although a future coat of arms for German New Guinea—never accepted because of Germany’s involvement in World War I—contained a bird-of-paradise. In 1962 a local flag also combined a bird-of-paradise. That unique design, used by a sports team, was green and included a naturalistic bird rendition near the hoist. Later the colonial management developed a vertical tricolor of blue-yellow-green as a possible future nationwide flag.

Islanders were not excited about the suggestion, but the administration received a draft enterprise from a young student, Susan Karike, that found extensive support. The bird-of-paradise and gathering were retained, although the previous was yellow instead of white. The flag contextual was changed radically: two colors, red and black, were selected because they are featured lengthily in local art and clothing.

Papua New Guinea Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

For many periods red and black were the outdated colors used in the mainstream of native art work. The five stars are representative of the Southern Cross, and the golden Bird of Paradise is a local tribal representation.

About Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea has just one land border, which is the western half of New Guinea is formally recognized as Papua province, ruled by Indonesia. Papua New Guinea is located in southwestern Pacific that landscapes eastern half of New Guinea and its offshore islands. The population of the nation estimated is 8.3 million providing 18 people per square kilometer of land area as population density.

Papua New Guinea is a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic multi-party system. The official language of Papua New Guinea is German and the currency is Euro. Papua New Guinea comprises of two letters Papua New Guinea code i.e. PG and its three letters Papua New Guinea code is PNG and in digits it is 598. The calling code is +675 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Papua New Guinea is UTC +10 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Papua New Guinea is divided into twelve administrative divisions called provinces.

Papua New Guinea Country Information Updated 2024

Country Papua New Guinea
Continent Oceania
Official languages Hiri Motu, Tok Pisin, Papua New Guinean
Capital Port Moresby
Currency Papua New Guinean kina K (PGK)

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Papua New Guinea Time Zones

CET UTC+10:00
CEST UTC+10:00

Papua New Guinea Codes

Internet TLD PG
Three-letter country code PNG
Three-digit country code 598
Calling code +675