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Laos Flag

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flag of Laos

Flag of Laos

The flag of Laos comprises of three flat stripes, with the middle bands in blue being twice the height of the upper and lower red stripes. In the centre is a white disc, the diameter of the disc is ​4⁄5 the height of the blue band. Laos Flag has ratio of 2:3. The national flag of Laos was initially approved in 1945 under the short-lived Lao Issara government of 1945–46.

Among two flags, this flag is currently used by communist country. Flag of Laos was officially adopted on December 2, 1975 after it became a socialist state. This new flag replaced the existing flags that had been in use since 1952-1975. Flag of Laos features a royal monarchy, which was red in color having a triple-headed white elephant on a pedestal beneath a parasol.

History of Laos Flag

The present Laos flag was designed in 1945. In accord with the founding of the Lao Issara government and its initial Lao constitution on October 12, 1945 adopted the flag. The Lao Issara, as a political movement, sustained to use the flag in exile until its closure in 1949. Its communist-led heir re-used the flag to represent the movement until the fall in 1975.

Therefore, since 1952 to 1975, the royal government had a red flag having a white three-headed elephant in the middle. This flag was accepted by the royal monarchy of Luang Prabang since the start of the 20th century under French rule, enthused by its similar flag (red flag with the single white elephant) in Thailand throughout that time.

The nine-folded umbrella is also a regal representation, creating from Mount Meru in the Buddhist cosmology. The pedestal signified the law on which the country restored.

Laos Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The white ring on the blue arena is signifying the moon shining over the Mekong River. The blue band depicts wealth, and the red symbolizes the blood shed during the internal fight for freedom.

About Laos

The country is located at the centre of Indochinese peninsula. The nation surrounded by Vietnam to the east, Myanmar (Burma) and China to the northwest, Thailand to the west and southwest and Cambodia to the southwest. The country accommodates 70 million inhabitants with population density 31 per Km2 (79 people per mi2).

Laos has democratic republic constitution. The official language of Laos is Lao and the currency is Kip. Laos comprises of two letters Laos code i.e. LA and its three letters Laos code is LAO and in digits it is 418. The calling code is +856 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Laos is UTC +7 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Laos comprises a total of eighteen independent provinces.

Laos Country Information Updated 2024

Country Laos
Continent Asia
Official languages Lao
Capital Vientiane
Currency Lao kip ₭ (LAK)

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Laos Time Zones

CET UTC+07:00
CEST UTC+07:00

Laos Codes

Internet TLD LA
Three-letter country code LAO
Three-digit country code 418
Calling code +856