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Zambia Flag

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Flag of Zambia

Flag of Zambia

There are four colors applied in the Zambian flag. Zambia Flag’s field is green which signifies lush land of the nation. There are three perpendicular bands situated in the bottom right corner. The color red represents the fight for freedom. Black is a symbolic color for the countrymen.

The orange band in the Flag of Zambia describes the mineral wealth and the abundant natural resources that the nation is equipped with. The eagle, placed above the bands represents the citizens’ ability to rise above the problems.

History of Zambia Flag

The first authorized national flag of Zambia was approved thru the 1960s. Before this, the flag of the British South Africa Company was hoisted in the late 19th century. This flag landscaped a Union Jack design with a symbol in the middle. This flag was used by the nation until 1924. When the country went under rule of the British Territory, the flag of Northern Rhodesia went into usage. This flag was hoisted from 1924 through 1964.

When the country achieved its freedom in 1964, a new flag was approved. This flag was almost precisely identical to the current flag except a shade of green.

Zambia Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The flag of Zambia held a great significance to the nation. The flag landscapes an eagle which means aptitude of the people to rise above the nation’s problems. The green field stands for flora, while the four-sided block of vertical bands characterize the struggle for freedom,

About Zambia

Zambia is surrounded by borders by Tanzania to the north-east, Malawi to the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the north, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Angola to the west and Namibia to the south. The population of Zambia is 17.1 million. The population density is 23 people per square kilometer (44/sq mi).

The nation has unitary presidential constitutional republic. The official language of Zambia is German and the currency is Euro. Zambia comprises of two letters Zambia code i.e. ZM and its three letters Zambia code is ZMB and in digits it is 894. The calling code is +260 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Zambia is UTC +2 hours. Being a constitutional republic, Zambia comprises a total of 10 provinces.

Zambia Country Information Updated 2024

Country Zambia
Continent Africa
Official languages English
Capital Lusaka
Currency Zambian kwacha ZK (ZMW)

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Zambia Time Zones

CAT GMT +02:00
CEST GMT +02:00

Zambia Codes

Internet TLD ZM
Three-letter country code ZMB
Three-digit country code 894
Calling code +260