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Venezuela Flag

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flag of Venezuela

Flag of Venezuela

The present flag of Venezuela was presented in 2006. The elementary design of Venezuela flag comprises a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue, and red, dating to the original flag announced in 1811, in the Venezuelan War of Freedom with eight stars in the middle. Further alterations have involved a set of stars, multiple variations to the placement and number of stars and enclosure of a voluntary coat of arms at the upper-left corner. Several hostility groups and Venezuelan exiles opposing the current government usage the tricolor flag with seven stars approved in 1954.

The Venezuelan flag landscapes four colors. The background contains of a straight triband of yellow, blue and red. The yellow is used to signify the wealth of the soil, the nation’s riches, agriculture, and the traits of agreement and justice. Flag of Venezuela is also illustrative of the sun. The color blue was used to characterize courage. Red signifies the nation’s freedom from Spain. In addition to these colors, the flag also structures white stars that denote the signers of the Venezuelan announcement of independence.

History of Venezuela Flag

The present design of the Venezuelan flag is built on the strategy by Francisco de Miranda. The flags of Ecuador and Colombia are also built on this flag. It was throughout the 19th century when the seven stars were further to the flag. However, these stars were positioned at the top and were blue in color. Through the years, the colors and location of the stars were altered. A design that is very alike to the one today was first used in 1930. The one alteration was that this flag introduced just seven stars. It was in 2006 when it was resolute that an eighth star would be used to characterize the Guayana Province.

Venezuela Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The flag of Venezuela has denotation in both its colors and enterprise. The colors characterize the nation’s independence, courage, and the wealth and riches of the nation. The flag also landscapes a group of eight five-pointed stars focused on the flag. These stars characterize the provinces of Barcelona, Cumana, Caracas, Barinas, Merida, Margarita, Trujillo and Guayana. There is a different flag that contains the nation’s coat of arms.

About Venezuela

Venezuela is situated in South America. It borders with Colombia to the south, southwest, and west; Brazil to the south and southeast and Guyana is situated in the east. The population of the nation is 30.2 million and the population density is 37 per Km2 (96 people per mi2).

Venezuela has federal presidential constitutional republic. The official language of Venezuela is Spanish and the currency is Bolivar. Venezuela comprises of two letters Venezuela code i.e. VE and its three letters Venezuela code is VEN and in digits it is 862. The calling code is +58 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Venezuela is UTC -4 hours.

Being a constitutional republic, Venezuela comprises of a total of 11 provinces.

Venezuela Country Information Updated 2024

Country Venezuela
Continent South America
Official languages Spanish
Capital Caracas
Currency Venezuelan bolívar Bs F (VEF)

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Venezuela Time Zones

CET UTC-04:30
CEST UTC-04:30

Venezuela Codes

Internet TLD VE
Three-letter country code VEN
Three-digit country code 862
Calling code +58