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Tonga Flag

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Flag of Tonga

The flag of Tonga comprised of a red field with a white region charged with a red cooped cross. Approved in 1875 after being formally preserved into the nation's constitution, Tonga Flag has been the flag of the Kingdom of Tonga since 1875. The constitution specifies that the national flag can never be modified.

The colors and ciphers of the flag carry social, political, and regional significance. The red cooped cross alludes to Christianity, the religion practiced by approximately 97% of the nation's population. Flag of Tonga has white which epitomizes purity, while the red suggests the sacrifice of the Blood of Christ, which he shed thru his Crucifixion.

History of Tonga Flag

Captain James Cook, when he had completed three visits to the isles between 1773 and 1777, then British had initially inwards into Tonga at the end of 18th century. Approximately fifty years later, English Wesleyan Methodist proselytizers came to Tonga and instigated converting the islanders to Christianity. In 1831, they prospered in converting "paramount chief" Taufa'ahau Tupou, who became King George Tupou I in 1845. During the time the first Tongan flag was approved. It contained of a white field with a cross at all four corners, and the letters "A" (in red) and "M" (in blue) at the middle that symbolize the king.

Upon his consent to the seat, the king sought to design a new ensign for the country, one that would characterize Christianity. He assisted Shirley Waldemar Baker – a associate of the United Kingdom's Tongan undertaking who later converted the Prime Minister of Tonga – and they functioned together to frame a new flag, coat of arms and national anthem for Tonga. The new design look like the British Red Ensign, in those three-quarters of it comprises of a humble red arena, with a "distinctive canton" landscaped in the upper hoist unit; this was initial used in 1866. A new constitution for the kingdom was framed and proclaimed on 4 November 1875.

Tonga Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The color of the flag defines the nation’s respect for its country men who sacrificed their lives for the country. Moreover, it represents the sole acceptance of Christianity in the lives of Tonga people. It is estimated that Christianity covers 97% of the total population in Tonga.

About Tonga

Tonga is situated in Oceania. The island country has discovered 169 isles out of which 36 have been inhabited. It is in South Pacific Ocean, connected directly to the south of Samoa and about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand. The population of Tonga is 0.1 million. The population density is 139 people per square kilometer (360/sq mi).

Tonga has constitutional monarchy government. The official language of Tonga is Tongan/English and the currency is Paanga. Tonga comprises of two letters Tonga code i.e. TO and its three letters Tonga code is TON and in digits it is 776. The calling code is +676 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Tonga is UTC +13 hours.

Being a monarch republic, Tonga comprises a total of 5 regions.

Tonga Country Information Updated 2024

Country Tonga
Continent Oceania
Official languages ‎Tongan, English
Capital Nuku’alofa
Currency Tongan paʻanga T$ (TOP)

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Tonga Time Zones

CET UTC+13:00
CEST UTC+13:00

Tonga Codes

Internet TLD TO
Three-letter country code TON
Three-digit country code 776
Calling code +676