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Sweden Flag

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Flag of Sweden

Flag of Sweden

The flag of Sweden contains of a yellow or gold Nordic Cross (i.e. an irregular flat cross, with the crossbar earlier to the hoist than the fly, with the cross spreading to the advantage of the Sweden Flag) on a field of blue. The Nordic Cross designed usually signifies. Swedish flag colors are Blue and Yellow(Gold).

The design and colors in the Flag of Sweden are supposed to have been enthused by the current coat of arms of Sweden of 1442, which is blue alienated quarterly by a cross stripe of gold, and modeled on the Danish flag. Blue and yellow have been used as Swedish colors at least since King Magnus III's regal coat of arms of 1275.

History of Sweden Flag

In the 14th period the Folkung dynasty castoff a protection of blue and white wavy slanting stripes with a gold lion overlaid. The state coat of arms of Sweden, which also days from the 14th century, has a blue shield with three golden tops. These ciphers were perhaps the basis for the Swedish flags of blue and yellow logged in later years, the first of which (from the late 14th century) was calm simply of flat stripes. Following use of an off-centre Scandinavian Cross on a basic contextual was certainly influenced by the similar white-and-red flag of Denmark, Sweden’s chief rival.

In 1815, Norway and Sweden was ruled by one king. These two were considered to be the equal kingdoms. To designate this, a “union mark” was located in the upper region of both the Norwegian and Swedish flags. The first version was a white slanting cross on red; later a slantwise divided emblem based on the Norwegian and Swedish flags was relieved. After Norwegian freedom in 1905, Sweden approved its current flag law on June 22, 1906, but Swedes rejoice June 6 as Flag Day. A swallow-tailed flag is applied by the military.

Sweden Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The symbolic meaning of Sweden flag follows here. The blue and yellow symbolizes generosity and vigilance, truth and loyalty for the country.

About Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian nation comprised with thousands of coastal islands and inland lakes. The population of Sweden is 10.2 million and population density is 22 inhabitants per square kilometre (57/sq mi). Sweden has a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy. The official language of Sweden is Swedish and the currency is Krona. Sweden comprises of two letters Sweden code i.e. SE and its three letters Sweden code is SWE and in digits it is 752. The calling code is +46 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Sweden is UTC +2 hours.

Being a democratic republic, Sweden comprises a total of 25 provinces.

Sweden Country Information

Country Sweden
Continent Europe
Official languages Swedish
Capital Stockholm
Sweden Flag Colors Blue, Yellow(Gold)
Currency Swedish krona kr (SEK)

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Sweden Time Zones

CET UTC+01:00
CEST UTC+02:00

Sweden Codes

Internet TLD SE
Three-letter country code SWE
Three-digit country code 752
Calling code +41

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