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Sudan Flag

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Flag of Sudan

Flag of Sudan

On 20 May 1970, the ongoing flag of Sudan was approved by the republic constitution of the nation. Sudan flag consists of a flat red-white-black tricolor with a green triangle stripes at the hoist. The flag is formed on the Arab Liberation Flag shared by Syria, Yemen, Egypt, and Iraq. These countries use a division of the Pan-Arab colors, which is green.

The flag of Sudan features four colors. There is a horizontal tricolor of red, white and black beside with a green triangle designed on the hoist side of the flag of Sudan. As before mentioned, these colors embrace their own significance, signifying the religion of Islam, the people of the state, the struggles throughout history, and characters such as peace and prosperity.

History of Sudan Flag

In 1881, the first flag comprises of black color, which was mentioned in history used during the Mahdist War in Sudan. The black band in the current flag of today pays homage to this flag. At the end of the 19th century, Sudan was governed by the United Kingdom and Egypt. Therefore, the flag that hoisted on the land belong to the U.K. and Egypt together.

In 1956, Sudan achieved its freedom and adopted a national flag comprising a tricolor design of blue, yellow and green. This flag was in use until 1970, later; the design of the flag was modified and has made no change till date.

Sudan Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Sudan’s flag has meaningful primarily in the colors designated. The colors red, white, black and green are known as “pan-Arab” colors. For years, these colors have been related to the people of Arab and the Islamic faith. However, there is supplementary meaning to the colors cast-off in the flag. The red band represents the struggle for freedom and the detriments of the nation’s martyrs. White signifies light, peace and optimism. The black is representative of the country itself, since “Sudan” in Arabic resources black. The green is a sign of Islam, wealth and agriculture.

About Sudan

Sudan is a republic state and it is bordered by the Red Sea to the northeast, Libya to the northwest, Eritrea to the east, Egypt to the north, South Sudan to the south, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Ethiopia to the southeast, and Chad to the west. It has a population of 39 million people, and population density is 24 per Km2 (62 people per mi2).

Being a republic state, the official language of Sudan is Arabic/English and the currency is Pound. Sudan comprises of two letters Sudan code i.e. SD and its three letters Sudan code is SDN and in digits it is 249. The calling code is +249 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Sudan is UTC +2 hours.

Sudan Country Information Updated 2024

Country Sudan
Continent Africa
Official languages Arabic and English
Capital Khartoum
Currency POUND (SDG)

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Sudan Time Zones

CAT UTC+02:00
CEST UTC+02:00

Sudan Codes

Internet TLD SD
Three-letter country code SDN
Three-digit country code 249
Calling code +249