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South Sudan Flag

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Flag of South Sudan

Flag of South Sudan

The flag of South Sudan was approved following the ratification of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement over the Second Sudanese Civil War. A similar form of the South Sudan Flag was before used as the flag of the Sudan People's Liberation Drive. The flag of South Sudan is elder than the country itself, as the flag was approved in 2005, while the country developed independent in 2011.

The flag bears outstanding resemblances with both the flags of Sudan and Kenya. It stocks the black, white, red, and green of the Sudanese flag, in addition to consuming a chevron along the hoist. Flag of South Sudan has flat black, white, red, and green strike of the flag share the similar design as the Kenyan flag, and the Pan-African representation thereof. Another main change between the flags of Sudan and South Sudan is that there is a yellow star confidential the blue triangle that signifies the unity of South Sudan.

History of South Sudan Flag

When Sudan became self-governing in 1956, the mostly Christian people alive in the south of the country had no local symbols, while the already central Muslim north showed Islamic symbols on the national flag. Before individuality, the British government had arranged for suitable local ciphers for the regions in Sudan, but the new administration in sovereign Sudan had different the use of these cyphers as being counterproductive to development national unity. From the outset, the southern Sudanese felt distinguished against by the Islamic north. The southerners fought a haggard out and bloody civil war to gain their individuality, followed by a peace contract in 2005 that encompassed a referendum on independence in the south. The vote was passed with irresistible support in 2011, and South Sudan became formally independent.

South Sudan Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

South Sudan flag is comprised of various colors. Every color represents the nation and its values. The color black signifies the people of South Sudan, which is the core strength of the nation. Red color describes about the blood that was shed to gain independence of the country from foreigners. Green features the country's agricultural, natural wealth, land, and progress, whereas, white depicts the peace that South Sudan attained after many years of the liberation struggle. Blue represents the source of life of the country, which is Nile River. Finally, yellow stands for unity, hope, and determination of the people.

About South Sudan

South Sudan is bordered by Sudan to the north, Uganda to the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the southwest, Ethiopia to the east, Kenya to the southeast, and the Central African Republic to the west. The population of Sudan South 12.6 million and population density is 22 per Km2 (56 people per mi2).

South Sudan is a democratic republic. The official language of South Sudan is English and the currency is Pound. South Sudan comprises of two letters South Sudan code i.e. SS and its three letters South Sudan code is SSD and in digits it is 728. The calling code is +211 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in South Sudan is UTC +3 hours.

Being a democratic republic, South Sudan comprises a total of thirty two states and one hundred and eighty counties.

South Sudan Country Information Updated 2024

Country South Sudan
Continent Africa
Official languages English
Capital Juba
Currency South Sudanese pound (SSP)

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South Sudan Time Zones

CAT UTC+03:00
CEST UTC+03:00

South Sudan Codes

Internet TLD SS
Three-letter country code SSD
Three-digit country code 728
Calling code +221