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Solomon Islands Flag

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flag of Solomon Islands

Flag of Solomon Islands

The flag of Solomon Islands contains of a reedy yellow slanting stripe divided obliquely from the lower hoist-side corner, with a blue top triangle and green bottom triangle, and the canton charged with five white stars. Solomon Islands Flag approved in 1977 to substitute the British Blue Ensign defaced with the arms of the territory, it has been the flag of the Solomon Isles since 18 November of that year, eight months before the country increased freedom. Although the number of shires has since augmented, the number of stars on the flag that first signified them remained unchanged.

The National Flag of Solomon Islands is a reedy yellow fine diagonal bands divided slantwise from the lower hoist-side angle to the top fly-side corner: the top triangle is blue with five white five-pointed stars decided in an X pattern and the bottom triangle is green.

History of Solomon Islands Flag

In anticipation of freedom many flag designs were acquiesced, including one with the coat of arms. Finally, a humble pattern was selected and officially accepted on November 18, 1977, eight months before freedom. The diagonal yellow band stands for the sun and divisions the contextual into two triangles. The bottom of triangle, which is comprises of the trees and crops of the fertile land. The top (blue) triangle designates the position of water for the islands—rivers and rain as well as the nearby ocean. The five white stars on the blue initially hoisted for the five districts (provinces) into which the country was separated. However, the number of stars did not modify when additional provinces were created.

Solomon Islands Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The colors and ciphers of the flag transmit cultural, political, and regional senses. The blue suggests the water, as well as its meaning to the country in the form of rivers, rain, and the Pacific Ocean. The green refers to the land along with the trees and crops that produce on it. The yellow exemplifies the sun and its rays unraveling the land and the marine. The five stars are decided in three offset rows at the canton, in the shape of the letter X. At first, these were destined to represent the province that the nation was subdivided into at the time of freedom. Even though new shires have since been shaped, the number of stars has continued unchanged.

About Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands is comprised of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific. The population of the nation is 0.62 million. The population density of Solomon Islands 18 people per square kilometer.

Solomon has a democratic republic government. The official language of Solomon Islands is German and the currency is Euro. Solomon Islands comprises of two letters Solomon Islands code i.e. SB and its three letters Solomon Islands code is SLB and in digits it is 90. The calling code is +677 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Solomon Islands is UTC +11 hours.

Being a federal republic, Solomon Islands comprises of total of 12.

Solomon Islands Country Information Updated 2024

Country Solomon Islands
Continent Oceania
Official languages ‎English
Capital Honiara
Currency Solomon Islands dollar $ (SBD)

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Solomon Islands Time Zones

CET UTC+11:00
CEST UTC+11:00

Solomon Islands Codes

Internet TLD SB
Three-letter country code SLB
Three-digit country code 90
Calling code +677