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Niger Flag

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Flag of Niger

Flag of Niger

Since 1959, the Flag of Niger has become the symbol of West African Republic of Niger. Niger flag has been used a year prior to its formal freedom from France. The flag comprises of orange, white and green. All the colors have equal horizontal stripes, with an orange roundel in the center.

The flag of Niger resembles to the national flag of India. However, the ratio of shade of orange, and symbol in the middle differentiate from the flag of Niger. As it has the coat of arms of Niger, the National Anthem, and the crest. The flag is adopted under the Article 1 of the first part of the 1999 Constitution of Niger.

History of Niger Flag

Modern political growth was stalled in Niger by struggle between the French military and guerrilla resistance until 1946. The international remoteness of this large has populated land. When the Fifth Republic constitution of France was accepted in 1958, Niger selected to develop an autonomous republic; however the French Tricolor was hovered on December 19, 1958. The new flag was chosen by Niger on November 23, 1959, which sustained to serve the nation even after independence on August 3, 1960.

The flat tricolor of Niger does not comprise the typical pan-African colors favored by many neighboring countries. The orange color signifies the north and east of Niger, largely roofed by the Sahara, as well as the heroic labors of citizens to overwhelm this difficult environment. The white of the flag stands for purity and incorruptibility. Also it stands for responsibility of citizens to uphold their duties. The green, signifying the southwest of Niger and its lush lands along the Niger River, is a sign of agriculture and of hope. Ireland and Côte d’Ivoire use perpendicular tricolors of orange, white, and green and India as well. It was perhaps for that reason that a characteristic orange sun was added to the center band of the Niger flag.

Niger Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Orange stripe at the top represents the northern regions of the Sahara Desert. The center white stripe stands for purity and peace. The bottom stripe of green color depicts hope and the fertile regions of southern Niger. The circle in the middle of white stripe represents the sun or independence.

About Niger

Niger is a landlocked located in West Africa. The nation is bordered by Niger to the south, Libya to the northeast, Benin to the southwest, Chad to the east, Algeria to the northwest and Burkina Faso and Mali to the west. Niger has an estimated population of 21.5 million covering a population density of 16.32 sq. Km.

Being a unitary semi-presidential republic, the official language of Niger is French and the currency is Franc. Niger comprises of two letters Niger code i.e. NE and its three letters Niger code is NER and in digits it is 562. The calling code is +227 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Niger is UTC +01 hours.

Niger has unitary government, which has divided the land of the nation into seven regions.

Niger Country Information Updated 2024

Country Niger
Continent Africa
Official languages French
Capital Niamey
Currency West African CFA franc Fr (XOF)

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Niger Time Zones

CET UTC+01:00
CEST UTC+01:00

Niger Codes

Internet TLD NE
Three-letter country code NER
Three-digit country code 562
Calling code +227