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Mauritania Flag

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Flag of Mauritania

Flag of Mauritania

The flag of Mauritania is a green field covering a gold star and semicircular, with a red band at the top and bottom of the field. Mauritania Flag was presented under the instructions of President Moktar Ould Daddah and the composition of 22 March 1959 and was accepted on 1 April 1959.

On 5 August 2017, a vote was held by President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz to alteration the national flag; eliminate the senate, and other constitutional adjustments. Flag of Mauritania referendum was fruitful, and the new flag, counting two red bands, which signify "the efforts and sacrifices that the people of Mauritania will save consenting, to the value of their blood, to protect their territory.

History of Mauritania Flag

The flag’s green contextual and its star and semicircular are traditional Muslim ciphers, in use for centuries. The design is of the conventional type mutual before the 20th century and still used by such countries as Turkey, the Comoros, Tunisia, and the separate states of the United Arab Emirates. In many Arab countries, this type of design has been substituted by flags of more contemporary form, such as those built on the flag of Arab Revolt of 1917 and Arab Liberation of 1952.

Mauritania was share of the French colonial territory until November 28, 1958, when an independent republic was recognized in order to encounter rising nationalist prospects while conserving the French Community. The new national flag of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, substituting the French Tricolor, was accepted on April 1, 1959. There was no alteration to the enterprise when Mauritania became an self-governing country on November 28, 1960.

Mauritania Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Green, gold and red are measured Pan-African colors. Green also symbolizes Islam, and the gold is for the Sahara desert. The red bands, which were added to the flag in 2017, signify the labors and detriments that the people of Mauritania will retain agreeable, to the value of their blood, to defend their territory. The semicircular and star are ciphers of Islam, which is Mauritania's state faith. There are theories that green symbolizes a bright future and growth. There is no authorized specification or building sheet for the exact relative capacities of the star and semicircular, although the flag's measurements are 2:3. The green color in this flag represents Islam, which is the major religion of Mauritania, the gold color denotes the sands of Sahara desert, and the red hoops represent the efforts and disadvantages of Mauritanians to preserve their territory, to the value of their blood.

It also displays that the gold star and hemispherical take 67% of the green field with the hemispherical horns tips finish where the star tips meet outward. If the arms of the star were lengthy outwards, they would meet the tips of the semicircular at a right angle.

About Mauritania

Mauritania is situated in Northern African. The nation is bordered by North Atlantic Ocean in south west and nations with international borders to Mauritania are Senegal, Algeria, Mali and the Western Sahara. The population of the nation is 4.2 million and having population density of 4.1729 sq. Km.

The nation has Islamic Republic; presidential is the head administrative operation. The official language of Mauritania is Ouguiya and the currency is Arabic. Mauritania comprises of two letters Mauritania code i.e. MR and its three letters Mauritania code is MRT and in digits it is 478. The calling code is +222 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Mauritania is UTC +0 hours.

Being an Islamic republic, Mauritania comprises a total of forty four department independent districts/departments instead of provinces or state.

Mauritania Country Information Updated 2024

Country Mauritania
Continent Africa
Official languages Arabic
Capital Nouakchott
Currency Mauritanian ouguiya UM (MRO)

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Mauritania Time Zones

CET UTC+00:00
CEST UTC+00:00

Mauritania Codes

Internet TLD MR
Three-letter country code MRT
Three-digit country code 478
Calling code +222