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Marshall Islands Flag

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Marshall Islands

Flag of Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands is an island country in the Pacific. Its official flag was accepted upon the twitch of self-government, May 1, 1979. Marshall Islands Flag was designed by Emlain Kabua, who is called to be the first lady of the republic. Rules and stipulations concerning the flag are set forth in the authorized flag of the Marshall Islands Act 1979.

The islands, extended a part of the U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, augmented their individuality in 1979, and hoisted this arresting flag. Flag of Marshall Islands has orange and white bands are representative of the two side-by-side island manacles within the Marshalls, the Rotok and Ralik. The blue field signifies the nearby Pacific Ocean, and the white star has a point for each districts.

History of Marshall Islands Flag

The Marshall Islands were portion of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands managed by the United States. In common with other island countries in the region, this flag landscapes the emblematic representation of the islands' place within the ocean. The growing diagonal stripe characterizes the equator, the star above on behalf of this Northern Hemisphere archipelago. The white and orange portions of the stripe characterize, respectively. The sun's 24 points signify the number of electoral districts, while the four lengthened points signify the principal cultural centers. The flag is also the state flag with the most points on a star, at 24.

Marshall Islands Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The blue color of the flag represents the Pacific Ocean where the nation is situated. The diagonal stripes together embody the equator and the top and bottom triangles denote the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, respectively. The star in the top triangle thus denotes the archipelago’s location in the Northern Hemisphere. The white and the orange colors of the slanting stripes indicate the sunrise and sunset, respectively.

About Marshall Islands

The group of islands known as Marshall Islands is located in Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Philippines. The nation has estimated population of 53,000. The population density of the nation is 295 sq. km.

Marshall Islands operates under a mixed parliamentary-presidential system. The official language of nation is Marshallese and the currency is Dollar. Marshall Islands comprises of two letters code i.e. MH and its three letters Marshall Islands code is MHL and in digits it is 584. The calling code is +692 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Marshall Islands is UTC +12 hours.

Being a mixed parliamentary-presidential system, Marshall Islands comprises of regions not provinces.

Marshall Islands Country Information Updated 2024

Country Marshall Islands
Continent Oceania
Official languages Marshallese, English
Capital Majuro
Currency United States dollar $ (USD)

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Marshall Islands Time Zones

CET UTC+12:00
CEST UTC+12:00

Marshall Islands Codes

Internet TLD MH
Three-letter country code MHL
Three-digit country code 584
Calling code +692