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Lesotho Flag

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Flag of Lesotho

Flag of Lesotho

The present national flag of Lesotho, accepted on the 40th anniversary of Lesotho's independence on 4 October 2006, landscapes a flat blue, white, and green tricolor with a black mokorotlo in the center. Lesotho Flag design is envisioned to reproduce a nation that is both nonviolent internally and with its neighbor South Africa, substituting the old flag design that included a military emblem of a shield, spear and knobkerrie.

Lesotho approved its present national flag on October 4th, 2006 which accorded with the celebrations of the country’s 40th anniversary as an independent nation. The outline of the flag originated after Lesotho’s assembly voted for the bill that providing for the altering of the flag in September 2006. Flag of Lesotho flag replaced the earlier flag, which had been used in the republic for nearly two periods since 1987. The design of the flag is a likeness of peace and stability, and its colors and symbols signify these virtues. The peaceful design differences the preceding design which had outdated war emblems counting a spear and a shield.

History of Lesotho Flag

Lesotho accepted initially flag on October 4th, 1966 on the day the republic gained freedom. The design of the independence flag landscape a vertical triband of green, red, and blue bands with a white mokorotlo charged on the blue band. This flag was substituted with a new flag in January 1987 after a military coup overthrew the Basotho National Party. Designed by Sergeant Matete, the new flag’s design was made up of three diagonal bands of white, blue, and green, and also featured traditional military emblems of a lance, a club, and a shield. The flag was Lesotho’s national flag from 1987 and 2006 when it was substituted by the current national flag.

Lesotho Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The design of the Flag of Lesotho rotates around the theme of peacetime and stability. The top blue band is to signify the rain or the clear blue skies. The middle white band to define for peace and designates the country’s interior peace and its peaceful association with its sole international neighbor, South Africa.

About Lesotho

Lesotho is completely commune entirely surrounded by South Africa. The border of Lesotho shadows the Caledon River, the Tele River, the Orange River, the drainage divide of the Drakensberg Mountains, the Makhaleng River, and a series of hills. The population of Lesotho is 2.3 million having population density of 68 people per square kilometer (162/sq mi).

Lesotho has a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic constitutional monarchy. The official language of Lesotho is Sesotho and the currency is Loti. Lesotho comprises of two letters Lesotho code i.e. LS and its three letters Lesotho code is LSO and in digits it is 426. The calling code is +266 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Lesotho is UTC +2 hours.

Being a democratic constitutional monarchy, Lesotho comprises a total of ten districts instead of provinces.

Lesotho Country Information Updated 2024

Country Lesotho
Continent Africa
Official languages Sotho, English
Capital Maseru
Currency Lesotho loti L (LSL), South African rand R (ZAR)

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Lesotho Time Zones

CET UTC+02:00
CEST UTC+02:00

Lesotho Codes

Internet TLD LS
Three-letter country code LSO
Three-digit country code 426
Calling code +266