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Kiribati Flag

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Flag of Kiribati

The flag of Kiribati is red in the top half with a gold frigate bird hovering over a gold rising sun and the bottom half is blue with three flat wavy white bands to signify the ocean and the three collections like Gilbert, Phoenix and Line Islands. Kiribati Flag has 17 rays of the sun characterizing the 16 Gilbert Islands and Banaba.

The frigate bird represents command of the sea, power, independence and Kiribati national dance patterns. Flag of Kiribati the blue and white wavy stripes embody the Pacific Ocean, which environs Kiribati and the sun mentions to Kiribati's position across the Equator.

History of Kiribati Flag

The insignia was designed by Sir Arthur Grimble in 1932 defining the Gilbert and Ellice Islands British colony. Kiribati's flag is an armorial banner, a flag having a design consistent precisely to that of the shield in the coat of arms. The coat of arms was settled to the Gilbert and Ellice Islands, as Kiribati and Tuvalu were then recognized. The shield was combined into the centre of the hover half of a British Blue Ensign as the state pennant of the colony. The flag features a very slight similarity to the flag of the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic and flag of British Columbia.

Kiribati Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Shortly before freedom was decided in 1979, a local rivalry was held to select a new national flag, and a design founded on the colonial coat of arms was submitted to the College of Arms. The golden frigate bird and the sun were enlarged to inhabit more of the upper of the flag, and the breadth of the blue and white wavy stripes was reduced. The local people, insisted on the unique design, in which the upper and bottom halves of the flag were equivalent.

About Kiribati

Kiribati is located in South Pacific Ocean. The group of islands comprises of 32 isles and one island scattered over all four hemispheres. The three main island groupings of Kiribati are the Gilbert Islands, Phoenix Islands, and Line Islands. The grouping of islands occupies the total land area mass total 811 km2 (313 sq mi). Kiribati has over 0.16 million population that contributes to population density 135 people per square kilometer (350/sq mi).

Kiribati has a framework of a parliamentary representative democratic republic. The government is headed by the President coming from a multi-party system. The official language of Kiribati is English and the currency is Dollar. Kiribati comprises of two letters Kiribati code i.e. KI and its three letters Kiribati code is KIR and in digits it is 296. The calling code is +686 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Kiribati is UTC +12 hours.

Being a republic, Kiribati has no official division made for districts or provinces.

Kiribati Country Information Updated 2024

Country Kiribati
Continent Oceania
Official languages English, Gilbertese
Capital Tarawa
Currency Australian dollar $ (AUD), Kiribati dollar $

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Kiribati Time Zones

CET UTC+12:00, +13:00, +14:00
CEST UTC+12:00, +13:00, +14:00

Kiribati Codes

Internet TLD KI
Three-letter country code KIR
Three-digit country code 296
Calling code +686