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Guinea Flag

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Flag of Guinea

Flag of Guinea

The Guinea flag was formally approved on November 10, 1958. Guinea Flag features the Pan-African colors of red, yellow and green. Red represents the struggle for independence, yellow characterizes the sun and the riches of the land, while green is depicts the country's vegetation.

The colors of the flag were modified at the dominant movement during the time of independence. Flag of Guinea has colors were in turn derived from flag of Ghana. The previous design was initially adopted in 1957.

History of Guinea Flag

On 1958, the flag was adopted and the colors known as Pan-African colors – were first used by Ghana in its flag in 1957. This flag is closely indistinguishable to the flag of Rwanda used from 1961 through 2001.

Guinea Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

Red represents the blood of the martyrs who perished from slavery and wars, yellow characterizes the sun and the riches of the country, and green the country's flora. To match the friendly association, the colors like red, yellow, and green were used for Pan-African movement. The flag of Guinea is a tricolor flag also resembles flag of Mali if viewed from left to right in opposite direction. The preceding flag of Rwanda, whose design was enthused by the flag of the Kingdom of Rwanda, had a big black R to make it different from the near-identical flag of Guinea.

About Guinea

It is located in West Africa. Guinea shares a border with Mali on the northeast, Senegal on the north, Liberia and Sierra Leone to the south and Ivory Coast to the east. The country has over 12.4 million populations. The population density is 41 people per square kilometer (106/sq mi).

Guinea is a republic nation where president is the head of the administration. The official language of Guinea is French and the currency is Franc. Guinea comprises of two letters Guinea code i.e. GN and its three letters Guinea code is GIN and in digits it is 224. The calling code is +224 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Guinea is UTC +00 hours.

Being a republic, Guinea comprises a total of eight administrative regions and thirty four subdivided prefectures.

Guinea Country Information Updated 2024

Country Guinea
Continent Africa
Official languages French
Capital Conakry
Currency Guinean franc Fr (GNF)

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Guinea Time Zones

CET UTC+00:00
CEST UTC+00:00

Guinea Codes

Internet TLD GN
Three-letter country code GIN
Three-digit country code 324
Calling code +224