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Egypt Flag

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Flag of Egypt

Flag of Egypt

The flag of Egypt is a tricolor featuring the three equal flat red, white, and black stripes. Egypt flag was adopted dating back to the 1952 during the Egyptian Revolution. The flag abides Egypt's national emblem, the Egyptian eagle of Saladin focused in the white band.

There were several flags that had been flown over Egypt during past centuries. But, the Flag of Egypt was recognized only on February 16, 1915, after the British formally proclaimed a territory to prevent restoration of Egypt’s nominal ties to the Ottoman Empire.

History of Egypt Flag

The growth of the contemporary Egyptian flag was resolute first by the Muhammad Ali Dynasty, under whom Egypt was combined with Sudan, and later by the upswing of Egyptian nationalism and revolutionary thoughts among the Egyptian Army.

The flag formerly used by the khedive converted the national flag; it was red with three white curves and stars. Members in the revolt of 1919 hoisted a green flag with a white crescent and cross, representing unity between Muslims and Christians in the fight for independence. A similar flag with three white stars in its place of the cross was accepted on December 10, 1923, following the proclamation of the Kingdom of Egypt. The 1952 rebellion established the Arab Liberation Flag, which had red-white-black flat band and a gold eagle.

Egypt Flag Design and Symbolic Meaning

The Egyptian Free Officers who collapsed King Farouk in the uprising of 1952 assigned specific representation to each of the three stripes. The red band represents the Egyptians’ blood in the war against colonization. The white band signifies the cleanliness of the Egyptian’s heart. The black band underneath the white denotes the manner in which darkness is overcome. The similar horizontal tricolor is used by Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen.

About Egypt

Egypt is located in Northeast Africa; however it is link with Middle East Asia. Egypt borders Libya to the west, Sudan to the south and the Gaza Strip to the northeast. It has coastlines on the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and the River Nile. The population of Egypt is 9.76 crores with population density 4 people per square kilometer (218/square mile).

Egypt has a semi-presidential system of government. The official language of Arabic and the currency is Egyptian Pound. Egypt comprises of two letters Egypt code i.e. EG and its three letters Egypt code is EGY and in digits it is 818. The calling code is +20 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Egypt is UTC +02 hours.

Being a semi-presidential system of government, Egypt comprises a total of 27 independent governorates that are also called as provinces.

Egypt Country Information Updated 2024

Country Egypt
Continent Africa
Official languages Arabic
Capital Cairo
Currency Egyptian pound £ or ج.م (EGP)

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Egypt Time Zones

CET UTC+02:00
CEST UTC+02:00

Egypt Codes

Internet TLD EG
Three-letter country code EGY
Three-digit country code 818
Calling code +20