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Benin Flag

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Flag of Benin

Flag of Benin

With the collapse of old regime in 1990, the Benin Flag was restored to its pre-1975 flag. The national flag of Benin features two horizontal yellow and red bands on the fly side and a green vertical band at the hoist. The flag got the approval in 1959 to replace the French Tricolour.

It is also known as the flag of the Republic of Dahomey until 1975, when the People's Republic of Benin was established. Therefore, the Flag of Benin is also considered as the old flag since 1959 by the nation’s population.

History of Benin Flag

When French authorities forbade the Dahomey colony, there was fear of igniting the nationalistic sentiments in the absence of regional flag. However, with the increase of the decolonization movement in Africa, the French were indebted to grant limited autonomy to Dahomey as a self-governing republic within the French Community. This was the time when search for a national flag began soon after.

The Benin's flag was selected on November 16, 1959, and remained unaffected when Dahomey developed independent less than a year later on August 1, 1960. The new flag featured a green field charged with a five-pointed red star in the top-left canton. However, the regime's flag failed to get the approval. The green flag continued in place until 1990, when economic glitches and the flagging of the Soviet Union's power due to the Revolutions of 1989 ended in the collapse of the People's Republic of Benin. The socialist regime was substituted and the original flag from 1959 was restored on August 1, 1990.

Benin Flag Meaning and Design

The colors of the flag transmit political, cultural and regional meanings. As mentioned in the national anthem, the green of the flag characterize the expectation of a new democracy. The red signifies the courage of the families, and the yellow is for the resources of the nation. On a mainland level, the yellow, green and red denoted the Pan-Africanist movement; the three colors were used by the African Democratic Rally, a political party on behalf of the welfares of French West Africa in the National Assembly of France at the time of decolonization.

Benin Country Information, Currency, Codes, Time Zone

Benin is s a country in West Africa. It is bordered by Nigeria to the east, Burkina Faso and Niger to the north and Togo to the west. The country has approximately 1.12 cr inhabitants. Benin has the population density of 105 per Km2 (271 people per mi2) spreads across total land area 110,622 km2.

Benin has presidential republic government in the country. The official language of Benin is French and the currency is CFA Franc. Benin comprises of two letters Benin code i.e. AL and its three letters Benin code is ALB and in digits it is 204. The calling code is +229 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Benin is UTC +02 hours.

Being a federal republic, Benin comprises a total of 12 independent federal states that are also called as provinces. These include: Alibori (from north Borgou), Atakora, Atlantique, Borgou, Collines (from north Zou), Donga (from south Atakora), Kouffo (from north Mono), Littoral (the region of Cotonou, split from Atlantique), Mono, Ouémé, and Plateau (from north Ouémé), and Zou.

Benin Country Information

Country Benin
Continent Africa
Official languages French
Capital Porto Novo
Currency West African CFA franc Fr (XOF)

Benin Time Zones

CET UTC+01:00
CEST UTC+01:00

Benin Codes

Internet TLD BJ
Three-letter country code BEN
Three-digit country code 204
Calling code +229

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