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Argentina Flag

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Flag of Argentina

Flag of Argentina

The Argentine Flag was assumed to have occurred during the Liberation demonstration in 1810. The flag of Argentina claims what looks to be a pretty humble design. However, this design has much imagery and significance behind it. The national flag of Argentine comprises of a triband in blue and white. The blue and white colors were selected by Manual Belgrano, the revolutionary leader fought against Spain. These colors symbolize the blue sky opening up to divulge white cloud.

The national flag of Argentina features the “Sun of May”. The Flag of Argentine features three colors. The background landscapes a horizontal triband having two light blue stripes and a white band that runs through the centered. The flag portrays a golden Sun of May emblem on the white band at the center.

History of Argentina Flag

Manuel Belgrano is the creator of Argentina’s flag Buenos Aires City Flag. He created it during the Argentine War of Independence. However, on July 20, 1816 the flag was finally declared as the national flag by the Congress of Tucumán, shortly after the declaration of independence. On February 25, 1818, the Congress featured the Sun of May in the war flag. The design of sun was copied from Argentine’s coin featured in 1813.

Currently, the flag is used as a provincial flag by Mendoza province. On June 8, 1938, national law no. 12,361 sanctioned June 20 "Flag Day", a national holiday. In 1978 it was specified that Official Ceremony Flag should be of 1.4 meters wide and 0.9 meters high. In 1985 the Law 23,208 repealed the article 3 of the Decree 10,302/1944, stating that Federal and Provincial Governments and citizens have the right to use the Official Flag of the Nation.

Argentina Flag Meaning and Design

After the May Revolution, the creation of a new flag became priority in the nation. Therefore, on 1978, the flag's official proportions were defined 9:14, and its official size is 0.9 by 1.4 meters. It landscapes three stripes blinking sky blue, white and sky blue.

Argentina Country Information, Currency, Codes, Time Zone

Argentina is located in the southern half of South America. Its boundaries are surrounded with Chile to the west; the South Atlantic Ocean to the east, Bolivia and Paraguay to the north, Brazil to the northeast, Uruguay to the south with approximately 4.43 crores population. Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world and ranks 4th largest in the Americas. Furthermore, it has the largest Spanish-speaking people in the nation. With the population density reported at 16.02 sq. Km in 2016.

The nation has a federal government system of a presidential representative democratic republic. The President of Argentina is responsible for both head of state and head of government. The official language of Argentina is Spanish and the currency is Peso. Argentina comprises of two letters Argentina code i.e. AR and its three letters Argentina code is ARG and in digits it is 032. The calling code is +54 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Argentina is UTC/GMT: -03 hours. Being a federal republic, Argentina comprises a total of 23 independent provinces states that are also called as provinces.

Argentina Country Information Updated 2023

Country Argentina
Continent South America
Official languages Spanish
Capital Buenos Aires
Currency Argentine peso $ (ARS)

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Argentina Time Zones

CET UTC-03:00
CEST UTC-03:00

Argentina Codes

Internet TLD AR
Three-letter country code ARG
Three-digit country code 032
Calling code +54