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Anguilla Flag

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Flag of Anguilla

Flag of Anguilla

Anguilla is a British overseas territory and The national flag of Anguilla having a Blue Ensign of British flag in the canton and coat of arms featuring three dolphins. The coat of arms in Anguilla Flag stands for friendship, wisdom, and strength. Prior to the current flag, there were three more different flags hoisted on the land. The island's initial flag was a red flag containing the designation of the island in yellow and two mermaids confidential a blue oval. Alternatives to this flag were also extensively used, with some relieving red for purple and some not manner the name of Anguilla. Flag of Anguilla was extensively disliked and was substituted during Anguilla's brief period of freedom by the Dolphin Flag, which is still broadly seen around the island. This flag was a excellent of the arms found on the present Blue Ensign, and was white with a broad blue crowd across the base of the flag, above which were three formalized golden dolphins.

History of Anguilla Flag

The Blue Ensign for Anguilla was approved in 1990. It is castoff on land; it is also applied at sea by vessels worked by the Government of Anguilla. Anguilla's civil ensign—that is the pennant worn on civilian vessels listed in Anguilla—is the indifference Red Ensign, usually used as a civil ensign throughout the British Empire. Anguilla has not yet approved a characteristic version of the Red Ensign. Ashore, the dolphin flag is usually used as an all-purpose civil flag, either in domicile of or in addition to the Blue Ensign. The Union Jack defaced with the Anguilla coat of arms is hoisted by the Governor, which is the outdated design for Governors of the British overseas terrains.

Anguilla Flag Meaning and Design

The orange color in the Anguillan flag symbolizes endurance, unity and strength. The white background of the coat of arms stands for peace and tranquility, and the blue represents faith, youth and hope and ocean.

Anguilla Country Information, Currency, Codes, Time Zone

Anguilla is an overseas territory of British situated in the Eastern Caribbean. The population of the Island nation is 14764. Moreover, the population density is 174.1 people per square kilometer (450.9/mi2). Anguilla has a framework of parliamentary dependency under a constitutional monarchy. The official language of Anguilla is English and the currency is Dollar. Anguilla comprises of two letters Anguilla code i.e. AI and its three letters Anguilla code is AIA and in digits it is 660. The calling code is +1-264 and the UTC i.e. standard time followed in Anguilla is UTC -4 hours.

Anguilla Country Information

Country Anguilla
Continent North America
Official Languages English
Capital The Valley
Currency Eastern Caribbean Dollar

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Anguilla Time Zones

CET UTC -4:00
CEST UTC +02:00

Anguilla Codes

Internet TLD AI
Three-letter country code AIA
Three-digit country code 660
Calling code +1-264